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Semiconductor Design

Faststream’s comprehensive semiconductor design services portfolio provides end-to-end development, testing, deployment, and life cycle support for silicon, platforms, boards, embedded software, product ecosystem, applications, and more. Faststream stands in the list of top semiconductor companies. We support semiconductor companies to achieve the highest ROI by maximizing productivity, reducing engineering costs, and improving time-to-market. To enable rapid solution development and deployment, we help companies to increase the productivity of their characterization, and validation tests through a suite of tools and platforms.

Semiconductor Design Services

Our Design Services

ASIC, SOC Design

ASIC,SOC design

Digital Circuit Design

Digital design

FPGA Design

FGPA design

FPGA to ASIC Conversion

FGPA to ASIC Conversion

RTL Design

RTL Design

Design for Testability

Design for Test

Design Verification

Design Verification

Silicon Validation

Silicon validation

RFIC Design

RFIC Design

ASIC Design on Medical

ASIC design on medical

Super Edge Medical SOC

Super Edge Medical SOC

Pixel Readout ASIC For X-Ray

Pixel readout, Semiconductor Design