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Our comprehensive Smart Home Appliances platform brings automation to key home devices, interconnecting them to their customers’ needs, thereby effectively becoming a part of the Smart Home ecosystem.

For too long the devices in our homes have been static and monotonous, but with IoT bringing about an interconnectivity revolution with Connected home Appliances, these same devices will act to cater to the requirements of their customers, either on their own or in response to a stimulus.

At Faststream Technologies we integrate the ideal industry components, ensuring a single point of accountability and delivering the best IoT (Internet of Things) service and solutions for a range of verticals. We assist you to reach the market faster and deliver IoT solutions that define best practices and exceed expectations.


There are a lot of smart home product categories, so you can control everything from lights and temperature to locks and security in your home. The fundamental implementation of our smart home applications that is composed to witness an amazing growth is measured to be home appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, kitchen appliances, lights, Health and Fitness Devices, Doorbell and others, which can be controlled by using a smart device, and at the same time, incorporating smart systems in this appliance enable energy monitoring and exuded comfort.


Faststream’s integrated solutions are supplying the next level of smart buildings with cloud-based voice assistance, intelligent automation, monitoring, and safety and that is also powering the next wave of smart buildings with cloud-based voice assistance, and intelligent automation, monitoring, and safety.


Smart Connected Appliances:


Smart connected appliances will enable consumers to reduce electrical bills by carrying over the operation when energy costs are at a peak—an energy-saving bonus for Smart Cities accomplished by lowering strain on the grid. In addition, energy decoration can be observed so that consumers can be given service alerts, possibly avoiding breakdowns and costly repairs. This technology is enabled through wireless communication (e.g., Wi-Fi, PLCM, NEAR FIELD COMMUNICATION, Zigbee technology), metrology and control.


Near Field Communication entitles an extra level of understanding to appliances so that they can do more for their owners. The Near Field Communication-enabled device can transmit a message to the manufacturer to register the product and set its warranty date. In appliances that are not able to fit in with a large display, a connected NFC tag supplies a cost-effective way to add an interactive display by using an external device as the interface. The technicians can also use NFC to access the appliance’s repair manuals or order replacement parts with just a phone tap.

Faststream’s home appliance solutions

HMI solutions for inherent occurrences

power management and motor control with Power saving

Detection of irregularity voice and vision

Smart Home Appliances

Smart Home Appliances

Smart Kitchen Appliances

Smart Home Appliances

Smart BathRoom

Smart Home Appliances