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With IoT, enterprises get the ability to cost-effectively connect devices over the internet and open new frontiers in the way to transform their operational efficiency. Enterprise IoT Solution Provider provides enterprises opportunities to disrupt and expand their respective industries and gives them the ability to use and capitalize on the data collected by IoT to help them innovate and sustain competitive advantage. Our industrial IoT solutions can help enterprises automate processes, be predictive in productivity, and gain a competitive advantage.

The Digital Core of Connected Enterprises

Energy Management

Our smart Energy solutions bring changes in the way energy concerns of the enterprises are handled.  Optimization of energy usage is required to scale up the competition. The energy usage affects the bottom line and overall operational efficiency.

Remote Site Management

Businesses are operating across the globe at multiple sites and a well-managed site can cut down the maintenance cost, decrease downtime and increase security and visibility in the enterprise iot solutions. Our services centralize the activities and bring preciseness and versatility to the operation and management of remote sites.

Mobile Asset Monitoring

Our services provide a centralized stage to track and control the mobile assets through location tracking, geo-fencing, driver behavior monitoring, and environmental monitoring.



  • We help to build and deploy efficient connected product solutions, connecting industrial equipment to the cloud.
  • With our services, it is easy to set up dashboards and it sends alerts to match business operations, with secure data access control.
  • Our architecture provides fast, open integration with cloud services and applications.
  • Our services enable the transformation of industrial equipment into flexible connected product systems.




Realtime Analytics: Our enterprise-ready IoT platform helps to monitor and analyze assets and production lines. It provides analytics applications and streaming analytics.


Multiple Layer Security: With our services, enterprises get an IoT platform that provides additional security to connected devices which includes application security through multi-factor authentication and access security.


Data Collection Protocols: With our IoT platform enterprises get lightweight communication protocols that enable low energy use as well as low network bandwidth functionality.


Cross-Device Communication: It supports communication across multiple devices. Sensors are configured on the IoT platform, which gives access to reports using web services and APIs on any iPad, iPhone, or desktop.