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Faststream Technologies’s Fleet Management Solution offers a comprehensive solution for time tracking your fleet with Cloud-backed IoT networking. With real-time access to captured data from sensors installed in vehicles, you get assured of compliance and fleet security norms. Add to it enhanced vehicle maintenance, fuel management solutions, prompt customer service, assured discipline from the drivers, and the location status.


By implementing our hardware sensors into the fleet, with the best Fleet Management Software in India, you will get complete control of your fleet. bridge with compliance by managing data between sensors and systems. You will get insights reports on vehicle maintenance, driver behavior, fuel efficiencies, faster emergency response, improve customer service and also keep a check of the operational status of your fleet.


Faststream offers a flexible, hardware-agnostic IoT architecture for connecting all possible assets — sensors, items, containers, equipment, vehicles, and employees — so that the entire logistics infrastructure can be tracked and managed as a consolidated business unit.


Scope of Our Fleet Management Solutions


  • Vehicles
  • Trucks
  • Heavy Equipment’s
  • Cargo Ships


Features of Our Fleet Management Solutions


  • Real-time fleet visibility
  • Monitor the entire fleet
  • More accurate ETA predictions
  • Monitor driver activity

Our Complete Fleet Solutions

Fleet Management Solutions,

Dispatch Management

Fleet Management solutions

Using Faststream Technologies’ Dispatch Management Software and Dispatch Management Solutions you can track your vehicles, promote safety, save fuel, boost profits and improve your dispatching by making up-to-the-minute deliveries and optimize your Operations by establishing business efficiently.


Working Methodology of our Dispatch Management


In the existing market scope, you can integrate our Delivery Dispatch Management Solutions onto your system effortlessly, your application can be easily integrated with our dispatch management assimilated with the assistance of the software provider and our team. Once the integration is completed the addresses will be loaded into our solution and you can start your day-to-day delivery operations without any inconvenience.


Our Delivery Dispatch solution has the ability to perform multiple pickup and multiple drops on a single trip. In other words, a single delivery person can collect multiple orders all at once and complete the delivery within a single trip. Our Delivery Dispatch solution is able to perform this because of our auto-optimization feature, unlike other delivery applications where the delivery boy has to complete one trip to start the next, our dispatch solution creates trips for multiple orders in a single facility. Our Dispatch solution is useful for single & bulk delivery companies.

Accidental Tracking

Fleet Management solutions

Faststream Technologies provides customized fleet accident management solutions covering everything from road risk policy management to accident reporting, repair, and getting your vehicle and driver back on the road. Store important data relating to accidents – including details of the driver, vehicle, date, time, location, any damage, repair quotations, and photos required for insurance claims. Communications with third parties and accident management agencies can be logged, as well as details of any police involvement. Meanwhile, details of damage can be allocated to work orders, in order to fully describe any required or completed repair work.


Features of Our Accident Tracking Solutions


Easily Report Accident:
Report accidents through our mobile forms app or directly through the system and attach details, geo-location, and photos


Reduce Road Risk:
Create and manage road risk policy to ensure clear driver procedures are in place.


Track Accident Status:
Record and track the current status from an accident being raised, through to insurance claims, repairs, and resolution.


Keep Auditable Trail:
Keep a detailed history of all accidents and their associated vehicles and drivers

Driver Management

Fleet Management solutions

Faststream Technologies fleet driver management solutions help you to keep your driver records up-to-date, organized, and easily accessible from a central location. Keep track of assigned vehicles and equipment, their usage, and related expenses.


Features of Our Driver Management Solutions


Track Driver Details:

Through Faststream’s fleet driver monitoring systems, you can keep track of which drivers are using which vehicles and other equipment, and why.


Managing Toll:
Organize all parking, toll, and other driver-related fines for total visibility of costs


Improve Safety:
Record and track the current status from an accident being raised, through to insurance claims, repairs, and resolution.


Ensure Duty of Care:
Ensure legal compliance for medical, license renewals, insurance, and more.


Alcohol Testing:
Using our Driver Management Solutions Organization can check driver status whether he is drunk or not.

Fuel Monitoring and Vehicle Tracking

Fleet Management solutions

Fuel management solutions from the best Fleet Management Software in India enable you to track, control, and optimize your fuel usage, resulting in cost savings.


We can provide a solution to the following problems:


  • Where is your Vehicle? Live location of the vehicle
  • How much Diesel in the Tank?
  • Daily distance, diesel consumed & mileage
  • Geofencing
  • At what Speed it is moving?-IDLE/STOPPED/RUNNING status
  • Diesel Refilled? (What time, place & how many Liters)
  • Refill to Refill Mileage
  • Idle Fuel Wastage
  • Over Speed Alerts
  • Diesel Theft? (What time, which place & how many Liters)
  • Low Fuel Alarm
  • No of halts during the trip
  • On-Road On-load Mileage
  • Complete Journey Report

 Real-Time Routing

Fleet Management solutions

With the integration of the best Fleet Management Software in India, routing planning is becoming easier in the advancing fleet management systems, drivers now follow pre-scheduled routes that have been put into the system and directly sent to the driver. The fleet managers can then review at the end of the day whether the driver followed the provided route and can determine the productivity of each individual.


Users can easily create a route consisting of multiple zones on a map using our app of the fleet management system. Drivers can then see the routes from their GPS devices.


Faststream Technologies fleet management system also provides an easy way to compare actual routes versus planned routes, as well as other important information such as:


  • Expected Arrival Time
  • Actual Arrival Time
  • Stopped Zone
  • Duration of Idling

 Tyre Monitoring Solution  

Fleet Management solutions

Fleet operators can control their tire inventory and build operational efficiency by reducing tire wear and increasing mileage using our Tire Monitoring Solutions.


Faststream Technologies has worked with several clients and eminent fleet operators in the logistics space to test this solution. For any fleet company, tire procurement accounts for a high business cost as tires are the largest consumable after fuel. There is a variation of pressure, temperature, a vibration that can have a substantial effect on the durability of a tire. Our IoT solution Monitors these parameters and takes immediate measures that can enhance their useful life.


The IoT platform allows fleet operators to track tires and monitor their performance (pressure, temperature, and so on) on a real-time basis. Our IoT-based Tire Monitoring Solutions are entitled to carry out preventive maintenance and detect any fault in their system.


With the best Fleet Management Software in India, we provide a comprehensive and easy-to-install Tire Pressure and Temperature Monitoring solution that tracks real-time tire pressure and temperature while your vehicles are in operation. Customizable vehicle rules and alerts, combined with historical reporting, enable fleet managers to determine the proper course of action for a troubled vehicle before it becomes a big problem.


  • Maximize tire life
  • Increase fuel efficiency
  • Decrease the risk of roadside breakdowns

Fleet Management solutions



As drunk driving is one of the major causes of death in traffic, it’s important to turn down this issue. The expertise from Faststream Technologies can help to deal with this dangerous problem.


Faststream has developed and designed the alcohol detector with facial recognition solutions used in cars to prevent a person with too high a blood alcohol concentration level (BAC) from starting the vehicle and thus driving it. Faststream launches TipsyMate devices that can be used by an enterprise or private person with the intention of preventing them from driving drunk. It can also be forced upon people convicted of drunk driving, as the condition to allow them to drive a vehicle. Further use of our solutions can be for example in buses and trucks. This is so that the individuals who are driving these big vehicles are not doing so under the influence of alcohol. For these kinds of vehicles, that could do a lot of damage if they were to be involved in an accident, Our Devices and services could be a good solution to prevent alcohol-related accidents from happening.