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Smart Wearable Devices for Reshaping Safety

In the high-tech world, various safety measures currently in use for protection against COVID-19 as PPE kits like masks,  earplugs,  gloves,  guardrails,  protective goggles, and high visibility clothing – have been in use for a long time. While these measures are still fundamental in minimizing risk, every company should now start to integrate IoT technologies to enhance their application. These technologies bring together real-time analytics, machine learning, advanced sensors, and embedded systems, Digital Contact Tracing, IoT Based smart wearable Devices Against Covid-19 to offer a number of key functionalities.


Key Features of Our Solutions:


  • Automatic audible Alerts to HR for social distance norm violations for the workers.
  • Focus on your operations & productivity in the manufacturing unit.
  • Prevent overcrowding & geofencing in the factory location.
  • Generate historical reports for all violations and a list of data of the repeat offenders amongst the workers.
  • Automatic contact tracing with historical data for every worker.
  • Inactivity alerts in case some workers take off the band/tag.
  • Physiological Monitoring of all workers.

Faststream’s “SoloGuard” Solutions




“SoloGuard”, a Smart Wearable Wristband or Smart Wearable against COVID-19 Badge offered by Faststream, can trace the historical data of the Worker and also monitor the Physiological condition of any worker to detect whether he/she is COVID-19 positive or not.


  • Previous contact history inside and outside the factory can be traced.
  • Data remains private to the customer and not shared with any third
  • HR Person or Supervisor will get an immediate notification if there is overcrowding in a particular area for example cafeteria, manufacturing unit, overall office premises.
  • Geo-fences can be set for isolated workers. If they cross the designated area, an alert is sent to HR.

Wearable Devices

Geo-Fence and Worker Tracking

Set Boundaries

Geofencing allows the HR to set up triggers when the worker enters (or exits) the workplace or factory area and an alert is issued.

Trigger an alert

Easily monitor the location of each and every worker. Whenever any worker leaves or enters the assigned area, an alarm is triggered.

Infection Control

Using Physiological monitoring Knowing the locations of all workers in a facility is of critical importance for investigating the potential spread of COVID-19 infection.

Location Tracing

The solution can also measure where workers are and how long they stay in a specific location inside the office or factory.

Features of Geo-fencing and Worker tracking/ Digital Contact Tracing Wearable Devices


  • QR code scanning for registration and re-usability.
  • SoloGuard gives an audible buzzer when 2 workers break the minimal distance.
  • No additional IT hardware required.
  • Data remains private to the company and not shared with any third party.
  • Economical and easily scalable.
  • Machine Learning Algorithms for smarter decisions of collected data.
  • Maintains the record of the movement of worker and get a list of violators per day.
  • An ideal solution for everyone irrespective of the age, the gender of the   worker
Physiological monitoring

The wearable device technology is used to monitor a worker’s physiological state in real-time. Smart Wearable Technology IoT by Faststream Technologies IoT Smart Wearables Devices is active in this space, creating smart clothes woven from silver-metalized fibers that collect a range of data about its wearer, including any sneezing or coughing condition and body temperature. Other examples include wristbands with bio-sensors to accurately measure the breathing rate and detect any kind of fever issue on the body. 


Advantages of Our Solution in Smart Wearable Devices


  • We help enforce social distancing in an office, identify violators, prevent overcrowding in the workplace area, say a cafeteria- both of which app-based solutions cannot do.
  • Most of the app-based solutions rely on each employee keeping the GPS and Bluetooth on at all times on their phones, without which it doesn’t work at all, which may not be practically feasible.
  • Many workplaces do not allow the use of phones on the work floor, and people might not carry phones all the time with them or keep them in pockets/purses which would severely degrade tracing performance using an app-only solution.
  • Data remains private to that company only and is not sent to 3rd party servers as in the case of “app-only” solutions.
  • Tags are reusable & can be re-assigned to any other employee/user at any point.
  • Inactivity alerts if workers take off the tag/band- which helps to ensure 100% compliance.
  • Ensure a safe working environment with our connected worker solution.
  • High Accuracy: Our tags use the same electronic modules which ensure high accuracy compared to the usage of different smartphones from manufacturers with varying accuracy when used for social distancing or tracing.
  • Accurate Location: App-based solutions can track people on streets, but for indoor locations like offices /factories, such apps cannot tell you which floor the person visits and will not trace the path within the buildings as GPS coverage is not reliable inside buildings. Our solution has detailed floor & room level contact tracing.

Benefits of using “SoloGuard”
Smart Wearable

By using Faststream’s “SoloGuard” device which is based on Sensor Node, early emergency situations can be predicted thus allowing for timely action and preventing a major failure down

Compact Design

Small and compact design with multiple sensors like Temperature, Humidity, GPS Accelerometer, Pulse Detector, and Gyroscope.

Wide Application

“SoloGuard” can be used for a wide range of applications -Condition Monitoring, Security solutions for perimeter, Real-Time Locating Systems for Asset Tracking, Geo-Fencing solutions, other People tracking, and many more.

Data-Driven Decision

Using “SoloGuard”, the user can monitor key metrics, analyze past trends, generate reports, and analyze data to get actionable insights into the operations. Our Machine Learning algorithms can also predict the failure of your factory assets.

Custom Deployment

Digital Contact Tracing is Monitor Temperature, Humidity, Motion, Vibration, Assets, and People in real-time. Get alerts and notifications in real-time directly to the HR Desk.

Features of the “SOLOGUARD”   


  • Compact design with Temperature, Humidity, Motion and Vibration Sensors, GPS,
  • Accelerometer, Pulse Detector, and Gyroscope.etc Effective Range of 180 ft per node
  • Data-driven decisions
  • Supports bidirectional communication and over-the-air (OTA) Configuration and update
  • High Data Transfer Rate up to 120 Mbps.