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Smart Worker Safety Solutions

The application of IoT in the Factory and Manufacturing unit tends to receive the most attention, but one area that should be kept in mind in the uptake of IoT devices is Smart Worker Safety.
Worker safety costs businesses billions every year, and industries with especially perilous working environments – Construction, Oil & Gas, Mining, Utilities, Pharmaceutical, Rail, among others – are beginning to adopt IoT technology to help minimize risk and address preventable threats.


In addition, as the COVID-19 pandemic surges around us, the phenomenon of ‘social distancing’ and remote working has emerged to help avoid the risk of infection. For the many who work across the aforementioned industries, however, working from home all time will not be logistically possible. In order to reduce the burden on hospitals and medical staff, it is now more important than ever to protect employees from having to be treated for preventable injuries with help of Smart worker safety.




Faststream Technologies’s integrated software and hardware solutions can track the location and safety status of the firm’s workers in real-time which can assure that the workers are protected during their shift, and incidents can get a  quick response – so that the Firm can protect their business and the Employees.


Faststream’s Connected Remote Monitoring Solutions come in several varieties. This permits the firm to remotely control and monitor safety to productivity from a lone worker to an entire manufacturing plant. Our solutions enhance company productivity, reputation, minimize costs and downtime, and assist to create a safe work environment.



From a remote place, different data from each detector consisting of alarms, man-down status, threat reading, acceptance status is sent instantly to a map-based display or mobile device app.



Faststream’s Real-time monitoring solutions generate alerts to the workers of other plants to circumvent the unwanted incident and notify the government, and spokespersons local response teams, etc. The firm can give the centralized command and monitor their own workers’ safety, productivity, and compliance.




Faststream Technologies’ cloud-based tracking platform can allow you to send and receive notifications from the  IoT cloud platform with your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop.




Run searches from the interface so you can find workers immediately and check their status.



Call first responders, lock doors, send text messages, and push notifications.



Our  Hardware system is suited for virtually any Real-Time Location Tracking.


  • Alarm
  • Report

  • Incident Dashboard
  • Notifications

Remote Monitoring of Smart Worker Safety using Faststream’s IoT Solutions


Enhance Safety and Productivity in the Workplace


Faststream’s easy-to-use software solutions combine wireless, wearable safety, health, and position tracking which facilitate Connected Worker Remote Monitoring Solutions that reliably keep safety managers and workers connected 24/7.

Faststream Technologies connected smart worker safety solutions combine fixed, portable, and wearable biometric and threat detection monitors and worker status and location information with software-based data logging, training, and inventory management tracking and integration to workflow and process software. We deliver real-time visibility of worker hazards, status, and location, data analytics, and easy system integration. The outcome? Improved productivity, faster emergency response, and greater worker, plant, and community safety.


Remote Connectivity


Faststream Technologies’s IoT based  Remote Threat Detection solutions provide enterprise, plant-wide monitoring to help plant managers and operations real-time insights on gas threats, concentration, location, man-down, biometrics, and plume status, as a result, the firm and organization can aware of what’s happening inside the firm. Location and incident knowledge also helps respond and protect other workers in the area, responders, and the community.


Lone Worker Safety


Real-Time Lone Worker Safety Monitoring and Tracking


Faststream Technologies provides Lone worker safety solutions using IoT for Enterprises. Integrating the RFID technology and Real-Time Location Systems, Faststream’s IoT gives you a complete view of your facilities and employees.

Improve your enterprise’s safety initiatives with Our IoT Solutions. Our IoT solutions-based application gives you to keep track of your lone workers.


Accurate Lone Worker Safety Tracking


You can get a live view of a facility floor map right on your laptop, tablet, or phone, and easily look up employees by name, job type, or location.

Faststream Technologies IoT can give you exact coordinates of the area where the lone worker is located. RFID sensors are used to give the system instantaneous updates of the lone worker’s location and status that are accurate up to a few inches. With such accuracy, safety protocols can be enforced at all times, even when workers are in remote areas.

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Solution for Smart Worker Safety Against COVID-19


In the high-tech world, various safety measures currently in use for protection against COVID-19 as ppe kits like masks,  earplugs,  gloves,  guardrails,  protective goggles, and high visibility clothing – have been in use for a long time. While these measures are still fundamental in minimizing risk, every company should now start to integrate IoT technologies to enhance their application. These technologies bring together real-time analytics, machine learning, advanced sensors, and embedded systems to offer a number of key functionalities: