Embedded Development

Embedded solutions form the foundation of engineering industry verticals. Embedded software is the core of intelligent devices and software development is a combination of architecture, technology, domain knowledge and process. Faststream Technologies has built up best practices in every venture of the company. We have built up design and debugging experience, thus shortening the development cycle and enhancing the dependability of our firmware. We provide optimized software leading to faster time to market delivering the best quality of standards in all stages of product development.



Our services include designing, development and debugging the core kernel and various kinds of device drivers. We have expertise in analyzing kernel code, breaking it into topic branches and refactoring the code. Our services guide you through the process of kernel maintenance.




Our Linux development services include porting, writing Embedded Linux & Yocto Linux drivers, Yocto Linux BSP, Embedded Linux BSP and Embedded Linux application development. Using Linux distribution as a base, you can get robustness, functionality, and security requirements for your next-generation embedded Linux device.




We provide comprehensive Android Kernel customization facility, which consists of custom device support and kiosk mode design.




Embedded Linux is the fastest way to build components of an IoT ecosystem. This operating system offers everything from the small-footprint device to the mainframe. As the demand for smart devices is growing, an integrated, embedded operating system is the solution. Our experience spans over embedded Linux based services for the internet of things.