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The retail industry has seen a paradigm shift in the way the growing tech-savvy populace shops. They expect their in-store to be an experience that is satisfying and memorable, both in terms of shopping variety and technological convenience. This is only possible when retailers take a determined step towards upgrading and bringing true digitalization into their brick-and-mortar chain.

Faststream helps retailers transform their technology to gain a 360-degree view of consumers using the cloud, analytics, business intelligence, mobility, and bespoke algorithms. Our Connected Retail solutions focus on improving efficiency, optimizing costs and giving quicker ROI.


Products Designed for Retail Space

Our retail solutions provide end-to-end capabilities, including Point of sale, Store Operations, Merchandising, E-commerce, Marketing, and Supply chain.


Our end-to-end web-based system provides full E-commerce capabilities and integrates with an accounting system, inventory system, shipping system, and more. Our E-Commerce services provide seamless customer experience using cross channel expertise, personalization, social media integration along with recommendations and referral tracking. It involves technology services like easy and secure payment processing, PCI compliance to take secure payments from customers and protection against any transactional fraud, website performance to improve time to display & time to interact and data security using advanced safety measures, robust database design, anti-virus & anti-hacking technology.

Loyalty Management through CRM

Get retail industry-specific products that can be tailored to meet unique business needs. Our pre-built solutions are fine-tuned for the retail space and are ready to be customized for the business’ requirements.

IoT in Retail

The Internet of Things is changing the way connected things can benefit the retail industry. Our IoT solution provides customer experience management by providing an in-store path to purchase, track and engage solutions. It features intelligent vending systems and solutions for auto-replenishment. With real-time store monitoring solution, businesses can track and get an alert on scenarios like out of stock, device failures, and potential expiries, etc. With our solution, businesses get supply chain visibility in the warehouse, in-transit, and in-store. Stay connected with our smart logistics and smart manufacturing for order management and auto-replenishment.

Big Data for Retail Industry

Seasonal Trends Predictions

Faststream’s Big Data solution provides the tools for retailers to accurately predict the products that are currently trending in the market for every category they’re involved in. The trend predicting algorithms pulls data from social media posts and web browsing habits to provide predictions that would help to target their customers effectively.

Prevent Customer Churn

Using advanced analytics and machine learning, retailers are armed with powerful suggestions to mitigate customer churn.

Smart Merchandising

Add intelligence to the online shopping process and target ads to those customers who do not complete their purchases with attractive discounts.

Demand Forecasting

Our Big Data solution provides demographic data and economic indicators to build a picture of spending habits across the targeted market, using which a forecast of demand could be constructed.