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IoT Product Development Services

The company will be in charge of utilizing the power of IoT and related devices due to the growing number of connected devices and the massive amount of data being collected. This will primarily be done to gather, inspect, and gain understanding in order to improve new products and solutions, build product capabilities, plan marketing messages, and collect business data, among other things. High-end Internet of Things (IoT) product development services are provided by Faststream Technologies to solve practical issues in a range of industries.


We can help you broaden your IoT strategy to include linked automotive systems, intelligent workspace, smart wearable devices, smart homes, buildings, and cities at Faststream Technologies. Using our core IoT platform, which is a comprehensive, highly secure, and highly authentic applications platform.


Faststream Technologies assists organizations in moving forward with IoT Product Development Services in IoT solutions to collect, examine, and build up awareness for their businesses utilizing the massive amounts of data created by linked devices. Including all necessary features in your connected devices to give high-quality IoT services to your clients across all vertical sectors.

IoT Product Development Services
Design and Engineering, IoT Product Development Services

Design and Engineering


In IoT Product Development Process, Design and engineering play crucial roles since they determine the flow of the product. The greatest design may assist in providing an easy-to-use interface for utilizing your product, bringing your concept to life.


For a seamless user experience, the IoT product development team chooses to create a physical prototype that replicates the product experience. For developing IoT goods, a team of trained developers applies to design for manufacturing principles.

Hardware & Firmware Development, IoT Product Development Services

Hardware and Firmware Development


Connectivity options for your items include cellular, GPS, RFID, Bluetooth, WIFI, and other options, which are provided by a trained team of electronics and embedded systems developers. Additionally, the team designs, tests, and codes the firmware for the linked devices.




An experienced technical team should be in charge of the crucial process of designing and developing IoT products. A variety of techniques are employed to prototype the product idea in the early phases of development.


Prototyping allows for immediate user feedback and helps to improve functionality while saving a significant amount of time and money. Rapid iterations are used by IoT product development specialists to create actual prototypes that can be examined, tested, assessed, and improved.

Manufacturing Support, IoT Product Development Services

Support in Manufacturing


The IoT product development team scours the market for off-the-shelf metal, composite components, and plastic and assists you in picking the best option for your device. If any of the parts require minor revisions, they are also involved in bespoke alterations. The development team also provides electronic component design and procurement in addition to printed circuit board assembly, display, connections, and other components.

IoT Product Development Stages

IoT Product Development Stages, IoT Product Development Services

Connectivity and Data Transmission


Our professional and trained team of IoT system engineers can add cellular, Wi-Fi, RFID, GPS, Bluetooth, and other kinds of secure wireless control and communication to your device. The IoT product development team’s top aim is to deliver real-time data while maintaining security and privacy.


Product Hardware Identification


One of the most crucial steps in the creation of IoT products is product hardware identification. There are two sorts of hardware that anybody will want when designing an IoT product: the sensing element and the hardware for converting an electrical signal to a physical output. IoT product development will be a major success for a development team with an extensive understanding of various sorts of IoT boards, sensors, and linked devices. For IoT product development, two types of hardware are required: one for sensing and the other for converting an electrical signal to a physical result.


Vertical M2M Application


Vertical M2M apps have two machines connecting or sharing data without any human contact. In the IIoT, this includes power cables, serial connections, and wireless communication (Industrial Internet of Things).


Software and Cloud integration


Software and cloud integration is a key step in developing the best IoT product among all the stages of IoT product development. The development team is in charge of creating online and mobile applications for regulating product functioning in real-time. To manage the controlling, monitoring, optimizing, and autonomous operation of product functions, a bespoke software program is housed on cloud servers.

Industries We Collaborate With

Agriculture, IoT Product Development Services
Building Automation, IoT Product Development Services
Healthcare, IoT Product Development Services
Consumer Electronics, IoT Product Development Services
IoT Product Development Services
Manufacturing, IoT Product Development Services

IoT Product Development Process

Stage 1: Conceptualization

We work with customers at this stage to identify risks and obstacles, as well as plan and generate concepts for the product that will be designed and constructed.


Core Tasks :

  • Risk assessment for the main characteristics
  • Make a strategy and do idea testing
  • Construct and test the appearance and functionality
  • Electrical, Mechanical, and Software Department Architecture Plan


Deliverable :

Documentation of the Product Concept

IoT Product Development Services, Conceptualization
Engineering Procedures in Depth, IoT Product Development Services

Stage 2: Engineering Procedures in Depth


The engineering team at Faststream concentrated on the comprehensive engineering process and providing a fully functional “ready for production” solution.


Core Tasks :

  • Model simulations and prototypes will be on display.
  • Produce engineering details.
  • Enhancement of previous design aspects.
  • Create the assembly geometry in 3D CAD.
  • PCB layout design and custom firmware coding.


Deliverable :

Documentation for a Pre-Production Prototype in its Entirety.

IoT Product Development Services, Test and Prototype,

Stage 3: Test and Prototype

We create and test the “alpha” prototype at this stage.


Core Tasks :

  • Checking for usability and design feasibility.
  • Product authentication is required.
  • Fine-tune for high-volume manufacturing.
  • Make contact with dependable components and manufacturing suppliers.


Deliverable :

A completely working pre-production prototype.

Assistance with the production process, IoT Product Development Services

Stage 4: Assistance with the production process

We help customers by finding the ideal manufacturing partner and passing on information to their production teams.


Core Tasks :

  • Set up a quality control system that works for you.
  • Find a high-quality manufacturing partner to work with.
  • Document control and product file coordination.
  • Test run approval is necessary for volume manufacture.


Deliverable :

The product’s first manufacturing run and release.