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Cloud-connected IOT Mobile Fuel Dispenser

With the evolution of technology, the Internet of Things (IoT) has influenced all facets of life and the Oil & Gas industry is not left alone. Most of the industries viz. communications, manufacturing, automotive, and more have embarked upon IoT and AI/ML, and upliftments are experienced by all of us. Fuel dispensing is one such area where technological advancements have played an important role in solving challenges with door-to-door fuel delivery and associated requirements.


Faststream Technologies has devised a solution for Fuel Dispensing that is cloud-connected and sensor-enabled to meet mobile fuel dispensing needs in segments like industries and plants and transportation while fuels like diesel and LPG gases are required at the doorstep. Faststream has developed fuel dispensers that are ideal for mobile environments such as dispensing trucks carrying diesel, LPG, petrol, and any other fuel.

Our cloud-connected IoT Mobile Fuel Dispensing System are designed for OMC (Oil Marketing Companies) to deliver fuel to customer premises, in turn, avoiding commuting to the fuel station. Our dispensers fit with ease and directly on the tank with quick coupling.
These are utilizing unrivaled assessment rough material with the help of bleeding-edge development inconsistency with set quality benchmarks. Our solution has connectivity with AWS/Azure/Google Cloud to perform real-time tracking of location and fuel quantity/fuel dispensed enabling the dashboard to view the reports on fuel dispensed quantity and other details, as well as real-time analytics. Our mobile fuel dispensers are accessible at industry driving costs and can be operated from anywhere while maintaining high levels of safety and ROI for users.

Mobile Fuel Dispenser

Refuel Now


  • Minimizing the need to travel
  • You can fetch fuel at any location
  • Online/ Remotely Bill Payment system
  • Reliable performance and maneuverability 
  • It can be operated even on the most narrow roads and mountain routes 
  • Compliance with industry norms and safety standards.

Mobile Fuel Dispenser

Profitability and Sustainability


  • Low cost of operation and Maintenance
  • Best quality and high-grade components
  • Effective liquid surge control
  • High resistance to corrosion
  • Thermal shock resistance
  • Digital printing facility
  • Provide for the detection of fuel dispenser tampering. 
  • Cloud Connectivity
  • Safety and Security
  • Eco-friendly and high ROI