Embedded Solutions for Ambient Intelligence


Adding macro value to microelectronics. The semiconductor industries live by a simple motto - Smaller, Faster, Smarter which benefits all industries and services to identify apertures of possibility that can drive excellence across the board - down to the last transistors. Faststream Technologies offers semiconductor design services including PCB prototype and fabrication, FPGA programming and FPGA board, and physical design for global enterprises. We deliver higher quality products, faster and at competitive prices.

Hardware Design

From the stage of initial architecture to manufacturing, Faststream Technologies provides hardware design services and solutions for embedded applications that consists of Schematic Board design & verification, PCB Layout (Placement and Routing), Gerber Generation and PCB Fabrication, PCB Assembly, Board Bring-up, Engineering and Design Verification Tests. We have a strong know-how in 32-bit microprocessor design as well as routing constraints with high-speed buses in addition to complex network interfaces. With a team of developers and engineers, we are fully equipped to fulfill your needs.

Embedded System Design

Faststream Technologies has been a leader in providing Embedded System solutions. We cater to customized and quality infrastructure solutions dedicated to specific tasks as per the requirements of different industries across the world. Built with a modern approach, our embedded system solutions reduce the technical hassles, making it easy to deploy anywhere – from households to vehicles, from hospitals to offices, from factories to consumer electronics.


Recent developments in connectivity technologies have stimulated the fostering of Internet of Things - connected smart tools for remote sensing, tasks and smart tracking using sophisticated analytics and real - time data processing. As the rate and the range of such solutions boost swiftly, there will soon be issues getting inconsonant solutions to work effortlessly with each other to realize a huge range of Internet of Things (IoT). Recent developments in protocols and standardization efforts for the IoT, especially application layer protocols, aims to address these issues. Faststream Technologies offers insights and ideas to enterprises on the appropriate IoT solutions to be benefitted from the machine-to-machine (M2M)/IoT technology. We work with the product and system firms on improving the products in the M2M ecosystems and offer a wise, connected and secure experience for enterprises.


We deploy e-commerce across multiple platforms providing your products to anyone accessing the Web. We showcase your products to ensure your store visitors to become recurring buyers. We provide secure web service solutions, which ensure the protection of your data-driven applications and make them independent of mergers and rollbacks into your data. We implement various updated components like SAP Business ONE, Beacon in Retail, Warehouse Management to fulfill all your Business Needs. We take it as our responsibility to keep you ahead of the curve.

Cloud Computing

We are known for delivering effective, responsive, reliable, robust & efficient Cloud Services. Cloud Computing has proven to be a boon to businesses, especially small ones, for which it hits a particularly sweet spot. It is energy-efficient, faster integration with almost zero infrastructure costs. We help our customers optimize, scale, manage and outsource IT resources to rationalize investments. We are building next-gen solutions dedicated to Cloud Services Practice with the focus on developing thought leadership, building competencies, intellectual property (IP) and domain-specific solutions ripe for Cloud. We built solutions which can run any of your traditional and cloud-native applications.

Business Intelligence

Faststream Technologies helps you with consulting, deployment and operating processes, best practices, and knowledge management infrastructure for Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing. If used, BI & DW can drastically improve the quality of decisions by removing the guesswork, making use of business metrics to gain insight on your customer's choices. We help in Enterprise information management strategy and roadmap development, business information health assessments, business case development, platform and tool evaluations, architecture definition and enterprise metrics management.

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