Digital IP Video surveillance is just an area of the Faststream Technologies, an effort to include all types of video on the business networks. Digital IP Video Surveillance is one of the four aspects of Faststream Technologies.

Our Digital IP Video Surveillance  elements contain the following:

  • TelePresence Network System
  • Desktop Video
  • Digital Media Systems
  • IP Video Surveillance

While additional overviews concentrate on another three solutions focused on digital IP video surveillance. Not all types of video on the business network possess the same needs, provided the variety of consumer interfaces and transportation methods towards the video feeds.

The Digital IP Video Surveillance Camera addresses the Faststream Technologies’s video surveillance IP camera, analog cameras mounted on encoders, analog gateway networks segments for those providers that were integral third-party, or modem IP security cameras.

The video management software is resolved from the Faststream Technologies’s Digital IP Video Surveillance Manager (VSM) collection of the software application. This application operates on a single or even more standalone, Linux-based machines and Storage system network component.

The element is aimed with possibly off, or with the Data Center Architecture and also the Digital IP Video Surveillance Storage System, off the shelf — iSCSI servers for storage and preserving of video feeds.

The network module is the business network. The main emphasis of the record would be to guide the solution reference network design baselines of the branch office, campus and Department Office while building with Digital IP video surveillance needs, guidelines, and best practices with this foundation of understanding.