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Smart Agriculture



United Nations Food and Agriculture Organizations reports that the volume of food production worldwide will have to increase to nearly 70% in 2050, compared to 2006,   to keep up with the explosive global population growth. Smart Agriculture IoT Solutions provide services to increase the production process. Maximize Production with IoT Based Smart Farming System.


The world has come to the conclusion that technology will drive the pace that’s required to keep up with the food demand of such a huge population. Climate Smart Precision Agriculture solution is that technology. Smart Farming IoT Solutions Or Smart Agriculture in short. IoT will play a key role in this, wherewith the help of sensors and data analytics, farmers will gain the priceless data of what the ever-changing climate will bring and will have in hand actionable insights, together with automated irrigation & fertilizer schedule that will push them towards achieving optimal growth from their farms for AI-powered maximum ROI.


Capture Data

A web of sensors are placed throughout the farm in key locations to gather crucial data, which are streamed to the cloud

Data Analytics

The data is compared and run through different prediction models to help fashion a strategic roadmap for the farmer to achieve optimal growth.

Informed Action & Planning

The farmer receives these essential actionable insights based on which he can take appropriate actions and make plans that will help him to reach higher productivity and gain.

Prevent Disease with Efficient Crop Management by Smart Agriculture

Prevent Disease with Efficient Crop Management


Crop management devices will be placed in the field to collect data like temperature and precipitation, leaf water potential, overall crop health, etc. The farmer will have access to live data concerning the health of all his crops through the CRM of his choice, be it smartphone or computer. He will be able to monitor crop growth and get notified of anomalies to effectively prevent diseases & infestations.

Smart Agriculture of Smart Irrigation

Smart Irrigation


Using data like soil moisture, plant health, etc from sensors, the system will react to any deviations from optimal functioning parameters and thereby work to rectify them by activating the pump that will then irrigate the crop. Once the desired conditions have been achieved, the pump will be switched off.

Predict Weather

Predict Weather


The solution combines the data from the sensors on the field with live satellite weather forecasting to efficiently plot out suggestions to the farmer that would help him make adjustments to the irrigation or harvesting schedules for his crops.

Animal Print, Smart Agriculture

Animal print


Keeping a close watch on the animals on a farm is an essential and tedious task for a farmer. By incorporating tagging and GPS tracking, a farmer will have real-time access to the exact locations of every animal, historical footprint mapping, get notified if one strays out of the boundaries of the farm.


Safe Storage


With the help of environ-sense IoT, the right mixture of environmental gasses, temperature, and humidity can be achieved, keeping intact the quality and quantity of the produce.

With our enterprise-grade IoT, modular architecture technology that brings together sensor-network, connected devices, failure prediction systems; that also allow for modifications, extensions, or integrations, Faststream Technologies strives to help farmers build a higher quality yield & productive business.