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Develop feature-packed camera products using our Smart Camera Solutions. We offer futuristic processing capabilities, power efficiency for various range of end products offering a smarter photographic experience with the Smart Camera System. Our expertise involves single and multi-camera integration which includes sensor integration expertise like integration of CMOS/CCD-based camera modules, image/video pre-processing algorithms, and/or compression. We provide a range of System on Chip (SoC) solutions that enable devices to process imagery – from still pictures to Full HD video and conference calling.

Camera integration expertise for embedded devices

CMOS and CCD Camera Integration

  • CSI Camera Sensor Integration
  • CMOS Sensor Tuning
  • MIPI Camera Sensor Integration
  • Single or Multi-camera integration

Custom pre-processing

  • Pixel correction
  • Lens shading correction
  • Image Scaling
  • Bayer-to-RGB


  • Parallel camera interface
  • Serial camera and display interface – MIPI, Camera Link


  •  Ethernet, USB, RS232, SDI, etc.

Low-level Algorithms

  • Region extraction, Contour following, Ellipse fitting, Graph matching

Coding Standards

  • Video interfaces like HDMI, DVI, Component, S-Video, Composite, HD-SDI, 2D-SDI, 3G-SDI, Camera Link
  • Video: MPEG2, MPEG4, H.264, VC1
  • Image: JPEG

Smart Camera

FPGA in Our Smart Camera Solutions for Real-Time Action


With the addition of FPGA control, Our Smart Camera Solutions is now able to achieve near real-time response to the trigger input and control over the sensor, ensuring that the camera acquires an image of the part in a repeatable position. Without this technology, the input-sensor coordination would need to go through a much slower labyrinth of general-purpose processing circuits. The effect of this delay is that the object will shift by varying amounts in the field of view based on the conveyor speed before the camera gets the message that it was supposed to take a picture. With an FPGA, the picture is taken nearly the instant the trigger is fired. Incorporating FPGAs to serve as real-time pseudo-hardware has been one of the key factors in the recent explosion in smart camera capability.

With the addition of CMOS sensors and FPGAs, smart camera System development is going through an exciting phase right now. Costs are going down while capabilities are on the rise, and more breakthroughs could be just around the corner.

Our products are designed for a wide range of video and camera applications

Mobile digital video recording (DVR)


IP cameras


Body cameras



In-room cameras




360/Virtual reality (VR) cameras


Action cameras


Drone cameras


Our offerings

Image Processing SoC

  • 4K TV Up-conversion Image Processing
  • LCD Panel Timing Control
  • Projector Image Processing

  • Wearable signal processing
  • Short range radio and communication signal processing

IP (block design)

  • Security IP
  • LCD Panel Image Processing IP
  • Wearable Blocks

Smart Camera