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Workplaces are constantly evolving to incorporate IoT-enabled devices so that almost all aspects of a Smart Workspace Solution are data-enabled and remotely driven to enhance worker experience. This will undoubtedly cut costs and create more efficient ways to drive the productivity of your business. With rising real-estate costs, it is sometimes prohibitively expensive to move to a modern or Smart Workspace. Faststream Technologies transforms your current workspace into an Integrated Workspace Management System (IWMS).


Faststream Technologies, with the integration of IoT and AI, is able to automate efficient space utilization and create an office environment that reacts to human occupancy, making it conducive to increased productivity. The Smart Thermostat adjusts the temperature to pre-defined parameters, office inventory data is constantly updated, and conference rooms are booked when a meeting is set. These minimal tasks are automated so that the staff can focus on other important tasks.

Key Features:


  • Energy Consumption
  • Lighting & HVAC Equipment
  • Space occupancy measurement
  • Environmental quality
  • Way-finding or Ease of navigation
  • Vibration Sensing
  • Space Management data
  • Asset Tracking to Order Fulfillment
  • Air Quality Monitoring
  • Concierge

Elements of Our IWMS

smart HVAC - IWMS, Smart Workspace

Smart HVAC 


Faststream’s Smart thermostats control HVAC (Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) settings to adjust the level of comfort as per the preference of the room’s occupants. The IWMS keeps optimizing the temperature based on various factors (weather to employee preferences) with the objective to keep the interior most comfortable and save on energy bills.


Components used for Smart HVAC


  1. Thermal Sensors
  2. CO2 Sensors
  3. Occupancy Sensors
  4. Light Sensors
  5. Demand Controlled Ventilation (DCV)
  6. VRF systems
  7. Variable speed fans

Intelligent lighting - IWMS

Intelligent Lighting 


Faststream Technologies’ combination of IoT sensors and devices can be used as energy Integrated Workspace management systems (IWMS) that enable us to have more control over the efficiency and consumption of power in the office space. Illumination of a particular area based on human presence can save energy to a greater extent, plus controlling the window shades and configuring the color and intensity of light can cut back on waste and improve the ambiance.


Benefits of using our Intelligent Lighting


  1. Energy saving
  2. Flexibility
  3. Atmosphere
  4. Esthetic
  5. Visual Comfort
  6. Security
  7. Durability
  8. Protect Ultraviolet Radiation

IoT control blinds - IWMS, Smart Workspace

IoT Controls Blinds 


Faststream Technologies provides unique smart workspace solutions for automating the operation of Venetian blinds, vertical blinds, or mini-blinds in the Workplace. It is battery-operated and simply replaces the wand that operates the blinds. The batteries are estimated to last one year during normal operation. The ZigBee version is used for operating the curtains which will be able to integrate directly with the Echo Plus, SmartThings Hub, and other Smart Workspace hubs with a ZigBee radio. For integration with other Smart Workspace platforms, such as Control4, a ZigBee bridge will be released. However, the current model includes automation features driven by integrated light and temperature sensors.

Media Control - IWMS, Smart Workspace

Media Control


Access Audio, Video, and any other media sources using manual smart controls or voice command through Faststream’s Media controls which are also integrated with Amazon Alexa. This allows easy access during meetings and presentations for convenience, and quick control over media sources.

Faststream’s solution smart workspace solutions feature Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Trunk for advanced voice connectivity, dedicated bandwidth ensuring reliable high-speed internet connectivity. There is integrated connectivity for both PSTN voice and internet bandwidth; built-in Wi-Fi, firewall, router, and DHCP server; and plug-and-play box with the web-based graphical user interface. Compatible with open smartphone apps and desktop clients to save IP phone expenses, the solution supports both IP & analog phones.

fire and safety control - IWMS, Smart Workspace

Fire and Safety Control 


Faststream Technologies’ smart sensors entitle improved adhering to a rule and fire safety in the work premises, without the need of large workforce and more time taking manual checking of fire safety equipment. Our various Sensors connected to IoT devices can monitor your office’s fire doors, fire extinguishers, and smoke detectors. In a catastrophe situation when every second count, you’ll be alerted instantly in any alternate condition or fire danger.


Our Low-power, wide-area networks or wireless cellular networks can transmit a wide range of data from IoT sensors to aid in fire prevention and response.

Workspace Security - IWMS, Smart Workspace

Workspace Security 


Our Smartphone apps are quickly replacing the conventional lock & keys and even the access cards with a cloud-enabled access control system. This system provides advanced control over granular access of individuals and helps the Admins set automated rules. It can also be integrated with another workload Integrated Workspace Management System (IWMS) to assess productivity, overtime, and employee activities.




Tickets for menial support tasks like replacing empty cartridges in the printer, cleaning spilled coffee in the aisle, or lights that need to be replaced can be automatically generated and sent to the office supervisor as soon as or even before the problems arise.




Assets pertinent to the business processes are tagged with a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacon. This helps in easy retrieval when required and with geo-fences in place, protection from theft.




Access control can also be realized using BLE beacons at respective access points. Our Visitor Integrated workplace Management System (IWMS) can be used in tandem with this solution and smart workspace solutions can be implemented.

integrated workspace management system, Smart Workspace

AI, ML, Deep Learning in Workplaces 


Responsive Workplace

  1. Monitoring of noise level.
  2. Informing building occupants of noise-free areas.
  3. Managing the flow of water and waste

Edge Computing

  1. Seamless visitor registration
  2. Finding directions to offices
  3. Frictionless optimized collaboration through the network
  4. Personalized workplace applications


NLP, ML & AI in Business Process


Faststream Technologies’ Natural Language Processing (NLP) helps in proactive HR tactics used in saving hours on analyzing inbound resumes & screening candidates. It also creates a non-biased environment among the candidates and thus may help in increasing the diversity between the employees. Chatbots And Conversational AI for the following solutions:

  1. Human Resources
  2. Customer Service
  3. Operations/Production
  4. Sales & Marketing
  5. IT

Faststream Technologies’ Machine Vision helps manufacturers improve the predictive maintenance of their production lines.  Our AI-enhanced technology can detect anomalies in the equipment and take action before the damage is done.

Overall Benefits with Our Solutions

For Employees and Visitors 


  • Faster and easier communication between colleagues, irrespective of the distance separating their desks.
  • More time spent meeting & executing tasks, and less time spent for booking meeting rooms and device connectivity.

For Enterprise 


  • Helps employee retention for top talent, providing them a seamless experience.
  • Cost Savings: Reduces CapEx, and improves resource utilization.
  • Improves brand image.
  • Lower power consumption, coupled with a lower carbon footprint, helps the company take a leadership position towards a sustainable future.

For Support Staff


  • Harnessing IoT for real-time data provides intelligence to improve facilities management
  • Instant ticket generation for upkeep requests
  • Less troubleshooting means more time to focus on other strategic priorities and innovation