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Faststream Technologies Semiconductor Digital Circuit Design services maintain an experienced team with a wide range of specialized skills and expertise using the latest design methodologies and tools.

  • Design and Verification: RTL Coding (VHDL, Verilog), IP Integration, Verification, and validation (pre and post-layout) using System Verilog, UVM, C, and VHDL.
  • Front-End Implementation: Synthesis, Formal verification, Static Timing, and Full PVT (Process Voltage Temperature) Analysis.
  • Backend Implementation: Design for testability (DFT), Layout service, ATPG, Place & Route, Timing Closure, Tape-out, and GDSII Generation.

Faststream Technologies has grown to be one of the top Semiconductor Digital Circuit Design services, Implementational Services, Structural Verification, and Logic synthesis/ATPG.

Design/Functional VerificationLogic Synthesis/ATPGStructural VerificationDesign Implementation
  • Modeling
    • System Verilog
    • System C
  • RTL Design
    • Verilog
    • VHDL
  • TestBench
    • Verilog
    • SystemVerilog
  • Methodology
    • UVM
  • Logic Synthesis
  • Insertion of DFT structures
  • ATPG


  • Logic Equivalence  Check (LEC)
  • Static Timing Analysis  (STA)
  • Power Analysis  (EM/IR)
  • Physical Verification  (DRC/LVS)


  • Floorplan
  • Power Plan
  • Placement
  • CTS
  • Routing
  • Signal Integrity
  • Timing closure



Digital-on-top ASIC implementation Third-party IP integration


  • Analog IP
  • Memories

Both Mature and Advanced Technologies


  • 35um
  • 18um
  • 90nm
  • 40nm
  • 28nm

OTP Memory IP Development for Automotive Applications


  • Memory macros design
  • Test chip design
  • Test chip characterization
  • Test plan development
  • Burn-in partner engagement

Digital Design