Big Data

Organisations that need to process and analyze data faster and more efficiently are turning to scalable infrastructure to support their current and future needs.  Faststream technologies cover the entire big data lifecycle, from data extraction and preparation of diverse data leading to end-to-end analytic solutions. Big data analytics is increasingly emerging as a key enabler in helping organizations achieve this. Creating a powerful customer value proposition requires understanding customer behaviour, preferences, and needs along with product/service life cycle and linking these with ongoing operational transactions and past behaviour.


Adopt with our big data solution, in order to efficiently utilize the data in which data are analyzed and the information is presented to make effective decisions related to business procedures. Our solution group provides comprehensive solutions for data management and data analytics.


Capturing Big data environments such as SAP Hana, Microsoft Azure, NoSQL (MongoDB) or  Hadoop (Cloudera, Hortonworks & MapR),  SQL database.

Prepare blend data inside and outside big data environment in a repeatable workflow that eliminates coding and accelerates the time to insights.

Statistical and spatial analysis in a simple and intuitive, GUI-based workflow design environment.

Simplify sharing of Big data analytics via outputs to Tableau or Qlik and interactive analytic apps that can be used by any decision maker.

The Big data solutions offerings at Faststream technologies


Big data initiatives are a serious activity in our organization. We concentrate on specific problems during our client’s journey towards big data empowerment.


  • Analyze the existing landscape and identify additional insights that could enhance business growth.
  • Enhance organizational productivity with a big data solution through different maturity levels and upskill the team proficiency along with it.
  • Complement organizations with proficient and cost-effective solutions for information consolidation, storage and analysis using big data.
  • Help organizations in achieving their objectives towards bigdata empowerment.
  • Provide consulting, training and managed services to customers for specific problems related to big data management.

Our Big Data Servicesinclude


  • Provide direction for the technical architecture capacity planning and performance.
  • Recommendation of competitive advantage from data assets and analytic capabilities to benefit business.


  • Design and development of Hadoop technologies.
  • Data modelling and algorithm development.
  • Develop MapReduce code, transformations and custom code.
  • Data quality and metadata management.


  • Data staging starts with a big data cluster, which may be on-premise or in the cloud.
  • The MapReduce transformation process for unstructured data.
  • Big data testing is based on the ETL process.


  • Knowledge transition.
  • Reverse engineering.
  • Migration.
  • Process documentation.
  • Production support.
  • Major and minor enhancements.