Take advantage of the power of the data you collect to your advantage with Faststream Technologies end-to-end Big Data Solutions and Services.
Data has become to be common with the rapid growth of emerging digital technologies. Handling this burgeoning quantity of data every day is the latest challenge for businesses wanting to harness it for business value. Big Data is more than an aspect of size; it opens up a world of opportunities to find useful as well as new insights from the myriad data resources, creating data at varying speeds and types.

Data-driven predictability will be the source for the new competitive benefit, where predictability ends up being the driver for costs and profits.
As businesses are checking out cutting-edge innovative methods to utilize data assets from within and outside their business boundaries to make it possible for business growth, boost productivity and profitability and drive affordable differentiation.
Data from social media, devices, and things, in addition to real-time interaction data from online networks, when integrated with existing enterprise data assets, could produce a deluge of information. Considering about how ideal to turn the volume, velocity, variety as well as the intricacy of big data into a company asset?

Don’t get inundated. We have the experience, skills, and tools you require to turn your data into your core strategic asset.

Do not get inundated. We have the experience, tools, and abilities you require to transform your data into your core strategic asset.

The Faststream Technologies Big Data Advantage:

At Faststream Technologies, we have the expertise, technology tools and process to derive workable insights from mountains of diverse data that businesses collect every day. Our professionals have originated big data solutions for leading companies all over the world, and we provide complete services to assist you in harnessing the power of your data; we bring the following features to each of our engagements:

  • Experience in working with the leading enterprises.
  • In-house Big Data connectors and solution accelerators.
  • A confluence of traditional analytics and next-generation analytics capabilities.
  • A state-of-the-art Big data lab with a vision to make the new digital world bright, relevant, and valuable to our customers.

Faststream Technologies Big Data Offerings and Solutions:

Big Data Consulting:

  • POC/POV, Strategy Roadmap, Tech’s evaluation & recommendations.
  • Architectural Consulting, Capacity Planning, and Performance.

Big Data Development and Implementation Services:

  • Data modelling and algorithm development.
  • Develop the map reduce code, transformations,  and custom code.
  • Data integration services and search & document indexing.
  • Data quality and metadata management.
  • Reports/Visualizations, analytics (machine learning, statistical programming, and text mining).

Big Data Testing, Provisioning and automation:

  • Installation and configuration
  • Automation

Big Data Security:

  • Data governance
  • Identity and access management

Big Data Support and Managed Services:

  • 24 X 7 supports, preventive maintenance
  • Configuration, security and policy management.
  • Backup, recovery, archival support, and big data admin.