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Smart factory SOLUTIONS

Today’s Industrial manufacturing environments are increasingly characterized by connected, intelligent manufacturing through smart factories rather than conventional industrial production. Even though most of the manufacturing companies, today, use the ERP software to its fullest capacity; they aren’t able to increase the overall efficiency of the process due to the gap between the machines and the ERP systems. This gap is being filled by revolutionary IoT technology. It will not only make the management of manufacturing more effective but the work itself smarter. Smart factory solutions demand complete eradication of offline factory operations thus improving the visibility in manufacturing to the point where each unit of production can be seen at each step in the production process. This is possible only if we let go of the traditional manual entered data and focus on collecting the real-time production data by making it possible for the machines to directly talk to the ERP software. Factories and plants that are connected to the Internet /intranet are more efficient, productive, and smarter than their non-connected counterparts.

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) pledges elevation in smart manufacturing, which meets the revolution for the smart factories. IoT software platforms used in smart factories such as Faststream Technologies generate intelligent and smart manufacturing processes that optimize industrial automation. Faststream Technologies creates smart factory technology in Industry 4.0-based manufacturing.

For alternation of conventional automation process to a more open, connected, and resilient system Smart Factory technology has been incorporated. Executing system-wide physical, operational, and human assets entitles factories for greater management of the whole production scenery with interconnected equipment, operations, facilities, and also for the prediction of real-time adjustments to changes. Which causes the result to proliferate production efficiency and reduce downtime.

IoT solutions are important to generate Smart Factory Solutions. Different Connected IoT devices like sensors and cameras for machine vision are essential for a manufacturing facility to check the status, gather data, analyze it, and use insights to optimize operations. In addition to data-collecting devices, however, the software compiles IoT data and allows users to monitor and control all aspects of automated production. Our Software Platform delivers IoT smart factory solutions to cover the procedure for expanded productivity and increased direction in the era of Industry 4.0.


Data collection

We collect and store hardware-independent data from your appliances, operations, and people. You can attach all existing devices from PLCs to business management systems or cloud applications with the 100 native communication protocol.

Visualization and control

The real-time operational data in a customizable interface, permitting for rise awareness and systematic supervision over processes locally and remotely has been displayed by Faststream Technologies.

Analytics and reporting

We operate advanced algorithms, connect your real-time data with machine learning applications, as well as distributed intelligence and networking to make calculations and provide predictions and estimates.

Engineering and maintenance

Faststream comes with a set of powerful sorcerers and easy-to-use tools. As a result, you can design and prolong your projects without needing programming skills. Faststream Technologies ensures high productivity for your engineering team with the open application programming interfaces (API) and the possibility to engineer mixed version environments due to its backward compatibility.

Smart Factory Solutions Faststream Benefits:


  • Product quality: We provide an outline of your operations data so you can quickly locate the source of a product defect. Faststream can intensify the quality of your product through data trends and insights.
  • Cost efficiency: By optimizing your processes through our automation and data management, you can boost their cost-efficiency and also amplify the uniformity of your operations and processes and increase your overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).
  • Production throughput: We provide detailed data on asset performance to help you optimize their usage. Reduce asset downtime, limit change over time, and maximize your capacity. Through these upgrades, you can minimize waste, achieve lean production, and make your operations more efficient.
  • Optimal security: Faststream’s unparalleled security features such as server redundancy, user authorization, and network encryption fully protect your projects from data loss and unauthorized access.
  • Improved work environment: Improve safety for your personnel by automating laborious and repetitive activities and improving the HMI visualization for a better overview. Stimulate a more environmentally friendly workplace by optimizing your use of assets and operations.


Our Smart Factory Solution overall Key Features


  • Data-driven analysis reveals true bottlenecks and ensures qualified replacements
  • Real-time overview of production processes including machinery downtime and its reason
  • Cloud-based system accessible from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Rapid and actionable feedback enabling higher uptime on machines
  • A holistically flexible and scalable system according to your facility’s needs
  • User-friendly, visually appealing, and automated dashboard
  • User’s access and device management from one portal
  • Lean manufacturing processes to reduce energy usage and carbon footprint
  • Simple touch panels for each operator to input current status by a single touch


Using smart factory technology based on Faststream Technologies you can enhance these elements in food and beverage, pharmaceutical, cement, metal, automotive, and other manufacturing industries.


Effect of IoT on smart factory


Smart factory technology and IoT devices have extensive indications for efficiency, product quality, and safety. IoT technology can empower elements of smart manufacturing such as:


  • Equipment maintenance: Smart factory technology can streamline equipment maintenance to minimize downtime and maximize productivity.
  • Manufacturing operations: At every stage of manufacturing with collecting real-time data, IoT ingredients disclose process redundancies and inefficiencies to be eliminated.
  • Warehouse operations: IoT can help you see how products should move in and out of your warehouse to optimize efficiency and minimize labor costs.
  • Inventory management: By tracking what materials are used and restocking at the right time we can use resources more effectively and automate inventory management.
  • Quality assurance: The IoT components of a smart factory can collect data on product defects. Combined with simultaneously collected data on other parts of production, this data can reveal the source of quality issues.
  • Sustainability and safety: By providing data insights into energy use, environmental performance, and events like workplace injuries, IoT devices can help factories create a more sustainable process and a more positive work environment.

our offerings

Equipment maintenance

In the production industry maintenance plays a major role, so if a system breaks down, it can lead to exorbitant downtime and delays in order fulfillment. By collecting data in real-time about connected machinery, Faststream predicts when you should service a machine or switch a component to avoid downtime.

Horizontal and vertical integration

The smart factory solutions featuring Faststream Technologies enable horizontal integration among machines and vertical integration across your enterprise. You can connect machines, systems, and resources, as well as share data from the sensor to enterprise resource planning (ERP). The result is a smart factory that eliminates knowledge silos in the company and streamlines communication across machines and facilities.

Energy data management

Minimizing energy consumption means cost savings for the business and reducing the consumption of valuable resources for the environment. The factories of the future prioritize sustainability and energy efficiency. As an energy data management system (EDMS), we provide a company-wide profile of consumption data from your machines and processes, which empowers you to manage your users effectively on a long-term basis. 

Smart Steel Factory Solution

Smart Steel Technologies provides ready-to-use software products for the optimization of the steel manufacturing process chain. The resulting optimizations lead to permanently improved quality, reduction of energy costs, and reduction of CO₂ emissions – without the investment overhead of new physical equipment.

Smart Pharmaceutical Factory Solution

Pharma 4.0 has been called a new industrial revolution as its implementation will more likely resemble an evolution in which digitization and automation meet a very complex product portfolio with long life cycles.

Smart Food and Beverages Factory Solution

In the Food & Beverage market, there are some special demands that are forcing manufacturers to transform production and packaging processes.

Smart Automotive Factory Solution

Automotive is among the most competitive manufacturing industries, combining fast innovation cycles and relentless cost pressure driven by fierce competition.

Smart Cement Factory Solution

Smart Factories have become the common tools deployed throughout the cement industry.



Smart Factory Solutions