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Put a stop to overflowing bins, to predefined trash collection schedules. Let our smart solutions for solid waste management bring you the convenience and efficiency to trash collection.

Smart Waste Management Solutions


We use a combination of new strategies and technologies to make sure cities are able to categorically sort, recycle and dispose of their waste in a smooth and efficient manner. From using a combo of weight & distance sensors to determine fill level in trash bins to providing garbage truck drivers optimized route suggestions using predictive analytics; all this would save costs, time and energy.

TrashFill Sense

TrashFill Sense


Transform a normal trash bin into a smart one. A combo reading from ultrasonic sensors placed on the lid of the trash bin and a weight sensor under the bottom panel is used to get an accurate measurement of the weight of the trash stored.


Get live notifications of filled bins and their locations

Route Optimization

Route Optimization


The system determines the best routes for the garbage trucks to take wherein they come across only filled containers.
Save valuable time and fuel.

TruckFill Sense

TruckFill Sense


Take better care of your truck assets with our sensor technology that notifies the operator and driver once the truck has reached its maximum load capacity.


Data & Analytics


Learn of residents’ waste disposal trends and habits, which can be used to further enhance the operational efficiency of the system. Reducing time-to-pick-up and gain the ability to predict filling trends. This helps minimize bin overfill and maintain healthy conditions around the garbage bins.


SmartFetch – efficient Waste Management dashboard

Get all the pertinent information like the number of Empty & Full Bins,

their locations together with the weight and fill level of each bin.


Click Dispatch for the system to perform the route optimization,
and it then sends the route to the truck driver’s tablet.