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Faststream Technologies is evolving in the Oil and Gas industry with the integration of the Internet of Things to form a feasible business process in the area. Our End-to-End extensive IoT solution for oil and gas can offer numerous benefits by independent devices like sensors and controllers in real-time to form an IoT that makes the communication among devices happen and collect real-time data to analyze and monitor the current state of the plant or the refinery. Pulling out the fuels from the underground and delivering them to the refinery to the end-user is a difficult and complex task. There are various points like Transportation and Oil Vehicle Logistics, equipment, pipelines to control through the way, with each one being critical, and potentially dangerous, as the next.


For the IoT in Oil and Gas industry, we use it to make real-time decisions, decrease equipment failure, increase safety, lowering downtime and reduce wastage, resulting in total plant automation. The modern scenario is that Oil and Gas companies are turning towards the IoT to be secure in the time of extraction and Transportation of Fuels and gradually, the top-level decision-makers from this Industry have started perceiving the benefit of IoT in the Oil and Gas Industry.

Our Complete Solutions for Oil and Gases


  • Fleet Monitoring Solutions
  • Leakage Detection using AI and ML Solutions
  • Oil Tanker/Well Monitoring Solutions
  • Oil Theft Prevention Solutions for Industrial and Commercial use
  • Remote Pipeline Tunnel Monitoring Solution
  • Oil Well Pump Control
  • Offshore Rig Monitoring
  • Refinery Monitoring



Faststream Technologies Fleet Management Solution Analysts offers a comprehensive solution for time tracking your fleet with Cloud-backed IoT networking. With real-time access to captured data from sensors installed in vehicles, you get assured of compliance and fleet security norms. Add to it enhanced vehicle maintenance, prompt customer service, assured discipline from the drivers, and the location status.


By using our instant sensor data and alerts our solutions can streamline Logistics functions. It minimizes unnecessary fuel consumption, cuts down chances of transport blowout, enhances productivity, and boosts profits, all within a reasonable time frame and budget.

Our Overall Fleet Monitoring Solutions


  • Our Overall Fleet Monitoring Solutions
  • Optimal Route Management
  • Weight Measurement for Oil Transporter
  • Sensing Temperature for Transport Tanker
  • Fleet Tracking and Trip Management



For the Oil & Gas business, undiscovered leaks create hazards to life and fortunes. Using Faststream Technologies IoT & ML driven Leak Detection Solution, one can take preventive measures before it is too late. In the absence of the further charges of digging up the site, one can avail of these safety solutions. This solution ensures the detection of leaks in an undesirably and non-destructive way. With synchronal pipeline leakage sensing, constant damages can be finished. Our IoT employs worldly equipment like sensors and devices into the picture providing a foolproof solution.

Our Overall Leakage Detection Solutions


  • Instantaneous Pipeline Leakage detection
  • Checking the inclusion of Methane Gas
  • Real-time Alert System
  • Pipeline Monitoring in Remote Area

Oil Monitoring Solutions, IoT in Oil and Gas

Oil Tanker or Oil Monitoring Solutions


IoT in Oil & Gas Industry Companies can get benefits from Faststream’s Instantaneous Oil Tanker Monitoring Solutions. Our IoT-driven solution helps to get instant data and assist to take preventive measures. This assists in optimizing the business process for maximum ROI. One mistake in keeping oil well/tankers protected from flammable materials can cause big mishaps in nearby places. With Oil Well/Tanker Monitoring Solution, monitoring tank level & temperature, remote oil wells, oil tanks, water pressure and more is easy. Our solution supports curtailing both time and money while showing positive results to relevant businesses that are unsuccessful in optimizing their prospects.

Oil Theft Prevention, IoT in Oil and Gas

Oil Theft Prevention Solutions for Industrial and Commercial use


During the transportation of Oil there several security-related issues may occur. Oil theft is one of these. Our IoT solution has made it difficult for thieves to get away with the stolen oil. We use several volume sensors to detect any change in oil level each minute and notify the concerned authorities instantly. The sensors do real-time monitoring, as a result, the volume of oil can be monitored in a tanker, and also leaks can be detected.


Scope of Our Oil Theft Prevention solutions:


  • Monitoring Fuel Tanker
  • Oil-theft prevention from tank farms

Remote Pipeline Tunnel, IoT in Oil and Gas

Remote Pipeline Tunnel Temperature Monitoring


We are providing the right solution for a challenging gas pipeline application. Faststream feels that monitoring the temperature of a gas pipeline tunnel is very important for safe operations. In the confined space of a tunnel, the temperature rises easily, and the overheating could cause pipeline fractures that could lead to gas leaks or even explosions. So in order to get rid of that, we have designed a remote monitoring system where various temperature sensors, gas sensors, and pressure sensors are used which can monitor temperature levels, gas leakage, and also pressure at the gas pipeline tunnel at various places.

oil well pump, IoT in Oil and Gas

Oil Well Pump Control


Faststream’s IoT solution can automate the oil industry by using hardware/software systems that can control and manage downhole pumps. Our controller is designed for downhole pumps for real-time control. The sensor data is processed and transferred to the operator console for storage and remote control of the controller. The controller allows connecting different types of analog and digital sensors. Data from these sensors are used for pump unit control and graphical data visualization on the Dashboard.

Offshore Rig Monitoring, IoT in Oil and Gas

Offshore Rig Monitoring


When it comes to offshore in the oil and gas industry, monitoring pipelines is a challenge as most of the equipment is below sea level. Various equipment like interconnects, machinery, and other expensive equipment around the starting point for a pipeline also needs to be inspected regularly.

Faststream’s IoT sensors help in monitoring malfunctions or discrepancies and instrumenting every foot of the pipeline. Our complete Remote Monitoring solutions play a crucial role in the entire oil and gas industry as we are providing ultra-sensitive sensors that detect the possible malfunctioning very early and the change in frequency triggers the inspection. The data collected from sensors gets transferred to the IoT device and then sent to the cloud. The data from the cloud can be shown to the Dashboards.

Refinery Monitoring, IoT in Oil and Gas

Refinery Monitoring


In an oil and gas refinery, the IoT could be used to check things like pipe thickness, flow rate, pipe pressure, and more. Faststream’s IoT sensors could offer greater insight and extra data about the flow, allowing the refinery to run at a higher capacity. The LPWAN IoT network can curtail the refinery cost by restricting the personal intervention to manually watch, or the number of equipment that needs wired communications.