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Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

By integrating Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology with our software, we provide an end-to-end retail inventory management solution, from manufacturing to shipping and from the warehouse to the shop floor. It has multiple benefits to the retail industry which results in superior execution, greater operational efficiencies, and higher customer satisfaction through end-to-end analytics and inventory accuracy. With high levels of encryption, RFID Tracking, and the ability to integrate into products, it can be used effectively for authentication.

Our services benefits

Inventory Tracking


It eliminates human errors in inventory management and tracking, and also audits all inbound and outbound boxes without any error.

Inventory Reconciliation and Restocking

You get accurate information about product location, quantity, and item type. It notifies in case of low stock at store and warehouse through alerts.

Automated Checkouts


Our RFID Technology registers items in a single scan and helps in faster checkouts. The transaction data is stored to manage returns.



  • Targeted sales and marketing
  • Faster POS checkout
  • Self-Checkout stand
  • Item locator
  • Fitting room shopper aid
  • RFID loyalty cards
  • Fitting room intelligence





The high-quality tags include RFID, printed fabric labels, woven labels, etc.



RFID tags, stickers, hangtags, and care labels are printed and verified.


Inventory Management Solution

Our RFID item-level inventory management solution is beneficial throughout the supply chain, like RFID Tracking, auditing factory shipments, tagging, or counting stock in stores.