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Smart Automotive Solution

The Faststream Technologies connected Vehicle Solution is enabled by its IoT platform.The Connected Vehicle Solution aims to help the digital transformation of car manufacturers.To create the Connected Vehicle, Automobile manufacturing companies,telecommunication service providers  and Faststream Technologies are working together. A connected car is something which operates with its onboard sensors and internet connectivity improves the in-car experience of its operators.Connected Car doesn’t mean the volume to surf the internet on the move, but the connection between other cars, communication of cars with other devices.Now a days, there are only a small number of cars which are internet entitled but it is presumed  that the number will increase considerably in less than a decade of time. The lifestyle undergoes required by modern generation and the exposure to smartphones will definitely help the connected cars market to grow exponentially. The Connected car services and applications along with our IoT solutions in the Automotive sector are presented below.


DriverSense AI

To encourage efficient and safe driving, drivers are screened and evaluated on driving habits. Advanced sensor based technologies to detect and monitor behaviour and fatigue levels of drivers.

LIDAR for object detection and recognition

LiDAR is a critical sensor for enabling autonomous vehicles. Faststream Technologies is developing and commercializing the next generation of LiDAR systems.


Infotainment refers to a system in vehicles that delivers a combination of information and entertainment content/services.

On-Board Diagnostics for Predictive maintenance

The On-Board Diagnostics port is commonly used in automobile service and maintenance for self-diagnosis and reporting of any issues that may occur, or have occurred within the system Using this, information such as emissions, mileage, faults, vehicle and engine speed, engine temperature, fluid levels, gear shifts, battery status, etc.



Stolen Vehicle Tracking

GSM and GPS based Vehicle Tracking System as shown in is used with a tracking device which is hidden in the vehicle to monitor and track the location of vehicles.

Geofencing and Speed Monitoring

The geofencing and speed monitoring applications  can be used to inform the car owner if the vehicle has gone out of the predefined geographical area or is being driven faster than a preset threshold speed.


Smart Automative Solutions