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An efficient solution to manage visitors and control access in your facility. Below are some highlights of our solution:


  • Make your facility safe by securing the premises
  • Eradicate tedious long waiting time.
  • Build brand reputation.
  • Make the visitor management process easy and error-free.
  • Take full control over your facility.
  • Instant installation, demo and on-going Customer Support.
  • Customizable to your unique requirement.
  • Instant notifications in case of an emergency.
  • Multiple integration options to work with different type of access control systems.



Creating an appointment for your visitor is really simple with our platform. It can be done through the mobile app or website/WAP.

Check-in and Check-out

Check-in has a new name with our platform, it is called speed! You may use a tablet/mobile/kiosk/website at the security station and check-in, in just a few minutes! If you have a scheduled appointment, it is even faster!


We ensure you are notified, whether you are at your desk or not. Our platform’s notifications are enabled through SMS, email, pop-up alerts or push notifications.


We understand that all business requirements are not the same. A high level of configurability and usability is what makes our platform the preferred Visitor Management software across various industry verticals.



Kiosk App

Our iPad/Android app allows your visitors to check in themselves, so you can focus on giving them a friendly welcome.



Make your check-in process reflect your brand identity. You can choose your colors, upload your logo and background image, and personalize the text on every screen.


Visitor Recognition

Show your visitors that you’ve been expecting them. Have their name appear on the screen as they check in. They feel reassured that they’re on your list and their visit is off to a good start.


Instant Pictures

Visitors can take their picture directly with the iPad/Android device. The photo is printed on their badge and is saved in your address book. It can also be sent to the host so he recognizes his guest easily.


Smart Rules

Smart Rules are a way to adapt the series of check-in screens based on your visitor’s answers. If she says she’s not visiting your lab, she won’t see the screens on lab security.


Multiple languages

Already supports more than 18 languages, our kiosk app greets visitors from everywhere. Need an additional language? Just ask and we’ll add it.


On-Site NDA

Your visitors can sign your NDA or health and safety instructions right on the tablet screen. You can save all signed documents directly in Google Drive, OneDrive or any cloud platform that you use.


Express check-in

To make check-in even faster, QR codes are included in your visitors’ invitation emails and can be added to their digital wallets, smartphones, smart watches etc.


Multiple locations

Whether you have more than one door to your building or multiple offices around the world, you can use one single account to manage them all. Added bonus: all your locations inherit the features of your predefined security protocol.


Multiple Tenants

Share a building with other companies? Use the same tablet to greet all visitors. Your guests select your logo on the screen and check in.



Design badges that print automatically at check-in. No wait, no hassle. Just a great welcome.


Identify types of visitors

Want contractors to get green badges and visiting students to get blue ones? Just add rules while you design your badges.


Access control

Do you use access control badges? Not a problem. Our product can work hand in hand with your access control system. Let us know which system you use and we’ll get in touch.


Telephone Entry With Access Control Systems

We can provide our solution with a traditional telephone entry system, mostly used in gated communities and apartment buildings, where a visitor could communicate with their corresponding host.


Manage your visitor list

Our visitor list is not a spreadsheet. It’s a tool. You can use it to check in visitors, add notes, and insert new columns of information. You can also decide which columns you want to display in your dashboard so you have the perfect overview.

Save visitor information

Store visitor information so you don’t have to type it in each time. This information also helps you give returning visitors a personal welcome. If your visitor said she liked coffee, you’ll know to prepare the coffee machine next time you see her name on your visitor list.

Recurring visits

If an accountant is visiting your company multiple days in a row, create a recurring visit. She’ll automatically be marked as an expected visitor on each one of those days.

Synchronize employee list

During check-in, visitors can choose their host out of a list of suggested employee names. Keep this list up-to-date by uploading an Excel file to the dashboard or syncing your employee directory with your account..