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A rapid increase of human resource and speedy developing conditions don’t need to lag your operations. With Faststream Technologies’ Smart Restroom solution, we’ll provide you with everything you need to digitize your bathroom and optimize usage operations and get the most out of your cleaning supplies, staff, and customer satisfaction.

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We offer an integrated Smart Toilet Management system connected with sensors, gateways, networks, and the cloud to get your data flowing into the software dashboard or platform. Along with a smart toilet people counter, our smart restroom systems will provide data on the amount of space used and the amount of paper, soap, and hand wash used in your restrooms.


Large airports, retail centers, stadiums, hospitals, and schools are just a few of the venues where Faststream’s smart restroom solution is perfect. It can detect any operational or hygienic problems, leaks, or malfunctions and send SMS alerts so your staff can take care of the issue.


Data Gathering Process in Our Smart Restroom Management System

The data gathered includes:


  • People counting – Faststream’s Ultra Low power passive infrared sensors give an exact signal of the no. of users entering a particular restroom
  • Ammonia level – Our Restroom Solutions aids facility manager to perceive the odor concentration in the restroom to the least amount as 0.1 ppm which indicates its state of cleanliness
  • Fall detection – The alert is sent to management, should a toilet user accidentally fall into the restroom.
  • Vacancy indication – Our Dashboard shows which stalls are empty, how many stalls are available, and the approximate queue time. This sensor data can also be connected to an alert notification system which will generally send an email to supervisors should certain pre-programmed triggers be reached.

All those above features make the smart Toilet Management system useful for controlling multiple restrooms and make for a cleaner, safer, and more pleasant experience for users.  Faststream’s cloud connect dashboard also allows management to monitor usage across multiple restrooms for even more effective planning of resources.

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Smart Toilet People Counter


Smart toilet people counter in toilets helps adjust the sanitation staff work schedule in keeping with occupancy trends. The bathroom occupancy counter sensor detects features available by counting the people entering and leaving the predefined area. The sensor generates an alert in the notification system on the smartphone, which sends an email to the sanitation crew when the number of visitors reaches a certain threshold. Accurate data about people’s traffic per hour, day, week, or month allows planning sanitation staff to work more accurately. People’s counter sensors measure bathroom visiting statistics 24/7 and deliver statistical information to a central server via LAN/Internet or WiFi Internet gateway.


Wetness Detection Sensor


Wetness Detection Sensors lead to identifying wetness on the floor and inform the sanitation department to do the needful and avoid unnecessary slip and falls.


Soap and Paper Roll Dispenser


Soap and paper roll dispensers are one of the major parts of Smart Restroom Solutions. These dispensers are equipped with Faststream’s connected sensors which deliver data and alerts to management to help them decide when consumables need to be replenished.

Faststream’s smart devices eliminate the need for fixed duty rounds and ensure that consumables are only replenished as and when needed, while also ensuring users always have soap and paper roll available. The data gathered is also useful for management to have a clear view of how much soap and paper roll is being used so they can plan how much will be needed going forward. Our Smart soap and paper roll dispensers also help to reduce waste by supplying only the optimal amount of each to users.


Air Quality Monitoring


The Air Quality Monitoring in Faststream’s Smart Toilet Management System monitors Ammonia(NH3), Hydrogen Sulphide(H2S), Temperature and Humidity using sensor data and analysis on dashboards.

Mobile Dashboard, Smart Restroom

Benefits with our Smart Restroom Solutions


  • Improved Customer Satisfaction
  • Optimized Cleaning for washroom
  • Energy Saving with Optimized Heating and Air Conditioning
  • Cost Saving in Inventory, Delivery, and Logistics
  • Slowed down of Virus and Bacteria with good Hygiene
  • Good ROI by increasing cleaning Supply sales.