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About Us



Faststream is a vanguard of technology solutions, specializing in Product & System Engineering, Digital Transformation, IoT, Big Data, Security, and Application Development with a global footprint across North America, EMEA, and APAC.

We are a solution partner to organizations from start-ups to large corporations across verticals, helping them focus on their business prospects rather than getting into hassles of product realization with our design, development, validation capabilities. With our in-house expertise for hardware, firmware, device drivers, middleware, cloud, and mobile, we help our customers launch intelligent, scalable, and interoperable connected solutions complying with quality matrices idea to realization.


We are passionate about delivering well-organized, inventive, and world-class solutions, with a focus on Healthcare, Aerospace, Semiconductor, Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Home Automation, telecommunications, Security, Retail, and E-commerce.


Our Semiconductor engineering team carries expertise in transforming design specs into marketable products, with IP core and SoC design services that include RTL design, Physical Design, Circuit Design, Layout, Simulation & Verification for digital and analog/mixed-signal semiconductors. For today’s challenges, embedded processor SOC specifications, the Faststream team delivers all the required firmware/embedded software, positioning us as a turn key ‘concept-to-product’ design company.

Our Value Proposition

  • Systems Integrator that supports end-to-end lifecycle management across multiple industries – Manufacturing, Testing, Demo, Deployment, Production Services.
  • Mature Partner Ecosystem for several solution verticals (Devices, Connectivity, Platforms & Applications).
  • Enterprise experts across many industry verticals.
  • Efficient & Flexible business models (Opex model, Capex model, etc).
  • Strong Enterprise customer reaches up to CXO levels.
  • Facilitating Deployment across the globe.
  • Integrated access that allows one to manage the entire lifecycle processes.

Our Specialities

IoT, SoC Design Services, Analog/Mixed-Signal Design, Cloud Computing, Mobility Services, Digital Transformation, Business Intelligence, Testing Services, IT Security Services, Product Engineering Services, and Big Data.




Faststream Technologies builds relationships with clients that are direct and productive. Through our open-reporting capabilities, we promote a collegial atmosphere where full-360° conversation and feedback happens through a product’s development life cycle or an application-development engagement.



Faststream Technologies meets customer requirements with resolution and dedication. Faststream does not rest until an issue is resolved — in the fullest possible way, regardless of the challenges and dialogue that it requires.



Faststream Technologies provides forward-looking views on emerging technology themes to address clients’ needs before they become issues. Faststream utilizes established quality management processes to navigate the perils of often-changing customer requirements to supply our clients with upfront, expert advice.

Management Team

Vinay Bansal

Chief Executive Officer

Vinay Bansal, as Chief Executive Officer, sets the strategic direction to faststream that lie at the intersection of business sustainability, business strategy and organizational theory which drives by keeping the customer at the core of everything. Vinay’s leadership development, marketing, and knowledge management initiatives have differentiated the company from competitors. Vinay has worked extensively in the field of IoT, Semiconductor, FPGA, Analog Design, Cloud, Big Data & Embedded Development. Under his leadership, Faststream has delivered many ambitious projects that include Smart Parking, ThingSpace Manage self-service portal, and modular IoT gateway. He is extremely strategic in his approach, exhibits great thought leadership and uniquely positive in his interactions. With his Design Thinking approach, he looks at Innovation from an entirely different panorama. Vinay has rich experience in Strategic & Innovation Consulting in Internet of Things, Industrial IoT and the corresponding social aspects of it. He is able to think through things from a large scale to the minutest details of entire realm with his system & solution based design methodology. His experience, coupled with his passion and commitment to business and future proof thinking, is a rare combination. Vinay holds a bachelor’s in Electronics and Telecommunications degree from MITS, Gwalior, India.

Dr. John L. Gustafson


Dr. John L. Gustafson is an applied physicist and mathematician. Dr. John spent more than 35 years in various sectors such as Semiconductor, Embedded, IoT, High-Performance Computing System, etc. He is a former Director at Intel Labs, former Chief Product Architect at AMD and Principal Investigator at Sun Microsystems. He is also an alma mater Iowa State University. A pioneer in high-performance computing, he introduced cluster computing in 1985 and first demonstrated scalable massively parallel performance on real applications in 1988. This became known as Gustafson's Law, for which he won the inaugural ACM Gordon Bell Prize. He is also a recipient of the IEEE Computer Society's Golden Core Award. He provides technical and business guidance to Faststream with an advanced, off-road map and far-future research in the areas of VLSI Design and Internet of Things.

Tamer El Sawah

System Architect

Tamer El Sawah has 22 years of experience working extensively with Signal Processing & Control Systems, Microprocessors, MicroControllers, SoCs, A/Ds, DMAs, Programming Logic, Project Management, Requirement Analysis and handling an entire business ecosystem. Tamer has contributed exceptional insights into high-end development of Embedded Design, and other complex hardware products which power one of the most cutting edge IoT projects and Embedded Systems across the globe. He has initiated and led 28nm SoC projects, assigned roles and responsibilities, and designed relevant workflows. Tamer has directed a simplified design process for a capacitive proximity sensor system to provide sensor flexibility by integrating all of the front-end analog circuitry into a single AFE device. He has helped strategize the embedding process of multiple components in a single chip including SerDes, on-chip memory for GPON ONU, and microprocessors for intelligent control and management, and also incorporating multi-layer protocol functionality and packet processing into a single chipset. Tamer has guided a team project in developing a custom low noise-power AFE for detecting neural firings on the surface of the skin, sampling that information and routing it to a DSP core. He has integrated solutions with common optical functional blocks, such as Transceiver, EDFA, ROADM. Tamer holds a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from California State Polytechnic University-Pomona, California, USA.

Dr. Jayanta Biswas

Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Jayanta Biswas Ph.D. is Chief Technology Officer at Faststream Technologies. He has done his Ph.D./ Postdoctoral research in Soc Design from the Indian Institute of Science (IISc). He is the foremost senior with vast knowledge and experience in the Electronics Field. He carries admirable leadership and a unique way of approaching things with potential knowledge. He was associated with IIIT Bangalore and CHRIST (Deemed to be University) in Bangalore as a Faculty and as Technical Director in CEM Solutions and Project Manager in NOKIA (Alcatel). He published several articles in Journals on various topics in the domain of Advanced hybrid SVPWM techniques, Remote systems in the cloud ecosystem, and Design space exploration of optimized Hybrid SVPWM techniques for VSI. He has several published patents for his inventions with the team.

Solutions provider in Product & System Engineering, IoT, BI, Security