About US

Our Foundation

Faststream Technologies is a vanguard of technology solutions, specializing in Product & System Engineering, IoT, Big Data, Security, and Application Development with a global footprint across North America, EMEA, and APAC. With over 200+ clients, Faststream Technologies enables Digital Transformation for enterprises by delivering a flawless customer experience, business competence, and deep insights through an integrated set of disruptive technologies and expertise.  We are passionate about delivering well-organized, inventive and world-class hardware and software solutions, with a focus on Healthcare, Aerospace, Semiconductors, Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Home Automation, Telecommunications, Security, Retail, and E-Commerce.

Faststream Technologies works at the juncture of business and technology, assisting clients with advancing their product and business performance through sustainable information technology solutions. Faststream Technologies drives innovation to help clients advance their product design, business processes, and application development. Our engineering team’s deep expertise in transforming design specs into marketable hardware products — through ASIC design services that include RTL design, design verification and physical design for digital and analog/mixed-signal semiconductors — is a key differentiator to our suite of application development capabilities.

For today’s challenges like embedded processor SoC specifications, Faststream Technologies delivers all of the required firmware/embedded software, positioning us as the turnkey ‘concept-to-product’ design company. The team is led by a group of focused senior executives and technologists who complement each other with significant industry experience in building turnkey solutions. Many of our technologists have multiple patents to their credit in the areas of Analog/Mixed-Signal Design, IoT and embedded systems.

Our Specialities

IoT, SoC Design Services, Analog/Mixed Signal Design, Cloud Computing, Mobility Services, Digital Transformation, Business Intelligence, Testing Services, IT Security Services, Product Engineering Services, and Big Data.

Our Values

Collaborative Nature

Faststream Technologies builds relationships with clients that are direct and productive. Through our open-reporting capabilities, we promote a collegial atmosphere where full-360° conversation and feedback happens through a product’s development lifecycle or an application-development engagement.

Undeniable Commitment

Faststream Technologies meets customer requirements with resolution and dedication. Faststream does not rest until an issue is resolved — in the fullest possible way, regardless of the challenges and dialogue that it requires.

Speciality Thinking

Faststream Technologies provides forward-looking views on emerging technology themes to address clients’ needs before they become issues. Faststream utilizes established quality management processes to navigate the perils of often-changing customer requirements to supply our clients with upfront, expert advice.