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The homeowner has always been concerned about energy and electricity usage. As resources become limited and electricity bills rise, it is critical for households to understand how they are using their energy and how to utilize it most efficiently. Installing an energy management system that helps the user understand when they consume the most energy is one method they can achieve with help of the “AI-Enabled Smart Air Conditioner” or  “Smart Appliance Energy Management” solution provides by Faststream Technologies.

People live in an increasingly connected world — the same is true for homes as well. Faststream Technologies has launched new electronic devices and appliances connected to the Internet and the cloud to provide real-time data that makes it easier to understand and less energy-consuming. Thus, homeowners have discovered ways to reduce their utility bills and conserve electricity.

Smart Appliance Energy Management, Smart Air Conditioner Controller

Features of Smart AC Controller

Smart Air Conditioner Controller



  • Turn off the unit after you leave room
  • Control every AC unit from anywhere, so no need to go racing room-to-room changing settings.
  • Override a schedule via Mobile Application on iOS and Android
  • The remote works from any room. So there’s no need to point it directly at the AC unit.

Comfort, Smart Air Conditioner Controller



  • Adjust-Environment: Faststream’s Smart Air Conditioner Controller can adjust the temperature automatically based on the person’s surface temperature and the weather conditions.
  • Pre-Cooling: Our Smart AC Controller can pre-cool your rooms before you enter the room.
  • Sleep-Mode: Your AC can be automatically turned off or moved into a sleep condition within a few minutes when everybody leaves the room.

Energy and Cost Saver, Smart Air Conditioner Controller



  • Lower costs by not overcooling your environment.
  • Specify usage limits by room to prevent overuse.
  • Track historical energy use and easily export the data.
  • Reveal what’s happening INSIDE the unit to optimize performance.
  • Control costs by setting temperature limits and hours of use for every room.

Sensor Fusion, Smart Air Conditioner Controller



  • It collects all the relevant data from sensors throughout your room and develops energy savings algorithms for your HVAC operations.
  • The sensor fusion generates a more consistent, more accurate, and more dependable estimate of your AC system.
  • Stop cooling empty rooms. Built-in motion sensors can switch off or send notifications to connected devices after everyone has left.

Smart Self Diagnosis, Smart Air Conditioner Controller



  • When the air conditioner conventionally fails to work, the Smart Self Diagnosis function is automatically activated, allowing the user to identify the problem and receive a notification alert on their smartphone. It also supports the technician in resolving the issue.
  • AI-based Smart Self Diagnosis optimizes the health of the complete AC, such as temperature sensors, fan motors, compressors, pressure sensors, inverters, voltage, refrigerant, current sensors, and other components.