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SemiconductorDesign Services

Our comprehensive semiconductor design services portfolio provides end-to-end development, testing, deployment and life cycle support for silicon, platforms, boards, embedded software, product ecosystem, applications and more. We support semiconductor companies achieve the highest ROI by maximizing the productivity, reducing engineering costs and improving time-to-market. To enable rapid solution development and deployment, we help companies to increase the productivity of their characterization, and validation, test through a suite of tools and platforms.


Custom Analog Mixed-Signal ASIC Solutions

With our customized analog and smart sensor system expertise, we have built a variety of custom ASICs as well as custom solutions requiring expertise in analog, RF & mixed-signal.

ASIC, SoC, FPGA Design Services

Our expertise lies in the high-performance resources that is necessary to be applied during each stage of the design process such as application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC), system-on-chip (SoC), field programmable gate array (FPGA) semiconductor design, and electronic design tool. Our capabilities provide end-to-end services for silicon realization. We have the ability to engage at any stage of the semiconductor design process from ASIC/FPGA design, verification, synthesis, STA, DFT, physical design to all the way to post silicon validation.

Design Verification

Design verification deals with analog, digital, and mixed-signal devices, as well as intellectual property (IP) blocks. The validation process, on the other hand, includes pre-silicon, post-silicon and system validation. We have extensive experience of all major hardware verification languages (HVLs) such as e-Language and SystemVerilog, and methodologies such as UVM, OVM, VMM, and eRM. Our experience with System Level Verification spans across e-Language, SystemVerilog, and C/C++, and using e/SystemVerilog or TLM/SC/MATLAB models as a golden model.

Silicon Validation

Our solution includes complete hardware design and software development. We enable hardware and software verification in post-silicon bring up phase using a well-defined validation methodology and capabilities across pre-silicon development cycle. These include electrical checks, device characterization, function and performance qualification, etc.

IC Design Services

With our complete IC designing services & solutions, we are qualified to provide all aspects of ASIC or FPGA development, including architecture definition, specification development, analog, digital, and mixed signal design, verilog and VHDL modeling and verification, digital and analog place and route, full chip physical verification, analog and digital IP block development, development of production test vectors and printed circuit board design.

Layout Services

Our layout expertise includes analog baseband, power management, HPA/RF, IO & high speed Serdes designs. Using static random access memory and read-only memory, we have completed a characterization of a standard cell library, memory and analog modules, RF custom layouts, and custom memory development.

DFT Services

Our DFT services consists of scan insertion from block level to top level designs, ATPG pattern generation, pre/post silicon validation, memory built in self-test (MBIST) and JTAG for complex designs.

Technology Expertise

Our expertise lies in developing LabVIEW and TestStand based automation solutions for post-silicon validation and has experience with various devices including mixed-signal, RF, analog, and microcontrollers. We have worked to architect, develop, and deploy LabVIEW, TestStand and PXI based chip characterization / post-silicon validation automation platforms.


  • FPGA
  • Microcontrollers
  • LabVIEW
  • TestStand
  • PXI and Bench Instruments

IC Domain Expertise

To differentiate the product in the marketplace, we work with our clients through every stage of development to turn design ideas into custom IC solutions.


  • ADCs and DACs
  • Switches
  • Drivers
  • RF Transceivers
  • Memories
  • Microcontroller
  • Discrete Devices

IP Core Expertise

Microcontrollers and IDE solution

Faststream Technologies provides broad varieties of microcontroller cores. Numerous peripherals are also available to adapt to particular application requirements. Additionally, we provide cache controller to decrease the access time and power consumption of a flash memory. Our microcontroller offering enables SoC designers to decrease their Time-To-Market with the most optimized solution for their application requirements.

Custom Memory IP and I/Os

Our solution comprises of foundation and custom memories. We customize our solution to adapt to customer’s design and test flow. We make the best out of our memory in terms of performance, power, area, etc. We deliver wide range of expertise in embedded memory IP.

Data Converters

For mobile and wireless communication SoCs, our Data Converter IPs products help to achieve reduced time-to-market.  Our expertise in mobile and wireless communication applications help you reach your goals. Our IPs feature high performance, high speed and low power dissipation in a small area, available in a wide range of process technologies.

Debugging Tools

Our debug software can work as a hardware debugger and a software simulator. Some tasks can be validated at software simulation level and then by uploading code you can continue real-time debugging. The system has three major blocks Debug IP Core, Hardware Assisted Debugger and Debug Software.


We offer a wide variety of free running oscillators for use as watch dog timers and core clock generators for MCUs and low-power chips. These are available off the shelf and can be custom designed for specific application requirement. Circuit can be optimized and use baseline CMOS logic process masks

DDR3/DDR2 Memory Controller

The Controller IP for DDR3/DDR2 is a highly configurable DDR design that offers higher flexibility required for application specific configurations.

3D Graphics Processor for Wearables/IoT

Our GPU IP core portfolio deliver small Internet of Things (IoT) Graphics Processor Unit (GPU) with real 3D functionality.

Gigabit Ethernet PHY Cores

Our portfolio of Gigabit Ethernet (GE) Intellectual Property (IP) cores integrate of 10/100/1000BASE-T functionality into Ethernet IC solutions. Our GE PHY cores provide low power dissipation.

Wireless and Wired Connectivity

Wireless Connectivity

  • Wifi
  • Cellular
  • GPS
  • Bluetooth
  • LTE

Wired Connectivity

  • 32 bit MCUs
  • 16 bit MCUs
  • 8 bit MCUs