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Smart Street lighting control system

The city which used our lighting control solutions was able to improve the efficiency, costs, and operations of their streetlights. Our solutions had helped them do more with their strategic but costly lighting assets. Data from traffic and weather sensors and an internal astronomical clock are used to automatically dim some street lights, thus reducing energy use, extending lamp life, and lowering replacement costs.

The Challenge

A large portion of budget is spent on outdoor lighting so it is high time cities save energy and reduce carbon emission, reduce the operating and maintenance cost. Also making use of the smart city application cities can increase safety on roads. So we have worked on hybrid wired/wireless network products. Cities can make use of wired power line communications (PLC) isolated highway and wireless radio frequency (RF) where wired solutions are cost-prohibitive. So this will enable cities to attain full lighting coverage with a single solution.


With the use of adaptive lighting control city which implemented our lighting control system was able to save energy. Also it was able to free up energy if demand was there. The maintenance and inventory cost was reduced through preventive maintenance, longer lasting and less power consuming street lights. Also they were able to achieve reduced carbon dioxide emission. Also our services were able to offer better public safety owing to less light pollution and good lighting quality. So we were able to build for them an infrastructure for efficiently managing the technologies.

June 20, 2018

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June 20, 2018

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