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Integrated Home Automation Solutions

Faststream Technologies has developed comprehensive Smart Home & Build Automation solution that helps consumers automate their home application devices and appliances, each of the devices being connected to the network, consumers can have total controls over their devices anytime anywhere with internet connectivity.

Our catalog of services includes a variety of smart home options which fully automates and integrates home entertainment systems, heating, ventilation & air conditioning, home and building lighting control system, presence and intrusion detection, automation of home appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, kettles. Our suite of products integrates with voice assistants Amazon Echo and Google Home for voice control of entire home.

Faststream Home & Building Automation System not only help consumers automate their devices but also enhance security systems while optimizing energy usage.

Our Solution

Faststream Home & Building Automation Solution essentially comprises of the following components

Smart-Hub IoT Gateway: Smart Hub IoT Gateway facilitates the communication of the low-power wireless sensor node within the network as well as the external network. Our Smart-Hub Implements NAT64 for seamless connectivity with both IPv6 and IPv4 Network. Our Smart Hub supports a host of wireless protocols like – BLE, 6LoWPAN, ZigBEE, and Wifi direct.

Wireless Sensor Nodes: Wireless Sensor Nodes are basically edge device that controls the individual devices or a group of device. Faststream Wireless Sensor node supports both 24GHz and Sub-GHz frequencies, implements mesh networking topology for highly scalable and reliable wireless connectivity. Our Wireless Sensor Nodes communicates with the gateway over a host of industry standard protocols such as ZigBee, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc. Each of these wireless sensor nodes implements various web connectivity protocols such as CoAP / MQTT and HTTP for remote monitoring and control.

Hardware Specifications: TI CC1350 Dual band processor with 802.15.4g wireless radio system.

We have developed Android and IOS Smart Home Application for customer to seamlessly interface, monitor and control their devices from anywhere.

Benefits of our Smart Home solution

  • Increased usability through the use of richer user interfaces
  • Enhanced features & functionality
  • Improved device efficiency and potential energy savings
  • Increased control and management of devices, from anywhere at anytime
June 21, 2018

Smart Street lighting control system

Smart Street lighting control system
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