Smart Home Control Solution: Smart AC

Our client requirement was new smart home control solution, which helps consumers enhance their personal comfort and conserve energy, even while on the go. Faststream technologies have developed a new Smart AC module that enables smartphone control of duct-free air conditioning systems. The user’s wireless device communicates with the module on the indoor unit to control various functions and features, including temperature, fan speed, and air flow directly through the smartphone app. When paired with the free Smart AC app, available for compatible Android and iOS smartphones, the Smart AC Module allows users to remotely control their air conditioner to ensure that, whether at home or away, their home stays at the ideal temperature.

Technologies used

  • IOT technology.
  • IR technology.
  • Wireless technology.

Hardware Units:

  • Arduino Controller
  • Wi-fi Module
  • IR sensors
  • PIR sensors
  • LEDs

Software Units:

  • Arduino IDE
  • Android SDK

Benefits of the solution:

  • Simply developed smart home solutions for OEMs.
  • Increased comfort, convenience and safety.
  • Reduced energy consumption.
  • Extensive cost-savings.
September 29, 2017

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