Smart Water Flow Measurement System


Increasing demand for water supply has become a major challenge for the world. Wasteful usage of water, climatic changes and Urbanization has further depleted the resource. Conservation and management of the resource must be given utmost importance. So our client needs an IoT based design for water monitoring and control approach which supports internet-based data collection on a real-time basis. The system addresses new challenges in the water sector -flow rate measuring and the need for a study of the supply of water in order to curb water wastage and encourage its conservation.

System Architecture Solutions:

To overcome the issue of water wastage and water scarcity, our solution is to automate water flow rate monitoring. It is low-cost data acquisition that applied at water flow on closed channel system using NFC (Near Field Communication) tags and wireless communication. The calculation of water flow meter is done by water flow sensor and microcontroller. Then, the data of water flow was sent using wireless technology. This system uses android smartphone for displaying data acquisition.

Technologies used:

  • IOT technology.
  • Bluetooth Wireless technology.
  • ANT+ technology.
  • RF communication Technology.

Hardware System:

  • Arduino Controller
  • Water Flow Sensor
  • NFC Tags
  • NRF Module

Software System:

The software system consists of Arduino IDE for the embedded system into the microcontroller and android application for reading and displays the data from the microcontroller. Both of the systems are the main-core for developing wireless flow measurement system.

Solution Benefits:

  • Simplicity, low cost, real time and mobility for data acquisition.
  • Application usage of construction, manufacturing industries and smart city Management etc.
September 29, 2017

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September 29, 2017

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