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CRM Solutions

An end-to-end dynamics Customer Relationship Management System or CRM Solution right from consulting to configuration, implementation, up-gradation, customization, integration, migration, and maintenance support to improve your sales, marketing, and consumer support. CRM is no longer just the database for customers, contacts, and leads. It is the backbone of any customer-facing organization that designs email marketing campaigns, drive sales through e-commerce platforms, manage payments, and invoices online and provides phone-based services.


Another trend in our Customer Relationship Management enterprise solution moves to cloud computing where the enterprise moves some or its entire infrastructure to the cloud. A type of Internet-based computing, where services are delivered to organization computers and devices through the internet as an on-demand service. We have observed a distinct shift from a product to customer-focused strategies, which are allowing businesses to discover the ultimate potential of customer value.

CRM Maturity Levelsat faststream technologies

Ad Hoc

In this CRM phase, the sales department obtains their pipeline and forecast reports, where marketing gets the campaign report and customer service gain reports showing customer requests and resolutions. In this model, each sales professional has their own sales process that loosely follows an organization’s process.


Customer data, workflow processes, and information analysis are designed to seamlessly share information needed to support and grow customer relationships. CRM system where sales professionals are uploading their leads, opportunities, and activities.


Regardless of where the data resides; customer-facing staffs, line managers, etc. all have access to real-time customer information and CRM plays a vital role in this by morphing with other business applications.


The CRM solution model is essential for assessing and optimizing your sales processes, but to go from one level to the next requires the right CRM software, tools, and experience. Many CRM systems including Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM have customer service capabilities.

Faststream technologies offering the usual Customer Relationship Management/CRM Solution functionalities, such as:


  • Integrated analytics
  • Sales Automation
  • ERP integration
  • Campaign Management
  • Contact management
  • Pin point sales Forecasts
  • Integrates Social Platform
  • Improvises Workflow Management
  • Asterisk PBX phone system support
  • RSS feed subscription
  • Facilitates Data sharing
  • Tag cloud functionality
  • Reports and Dashboards
Benefits of our CRM Software solutions


  • Enhances Better Customer Service.
  • Facilitates the discovery of new customers.
  • Simplifies the sales and marketing processes.
  • Builds upon effective internal communication.
  • Enhances effective cross and up-selling of products.
  • Helps the sales team in closing deals faster.

Our CRM solutionCategories

Operational CRM

Straight implementing various operational CRM software packages that address a client’s needs, whether it is for processes, sales, or services.  Make the process and implementation of Operational CRM easy and professional. So that this CRM solution is a tactical tool for employees.

Service CRM

CRM solutions have enabled support organizations to respond to customer queries in a timely manner. It also enables sales and service organizations to improve service quality in real-time. In-Service industry, businesses like insurance agencies, driving schools, training institutes, real estate management firms, travel agencies, event management firms, salons, and spas leverage.

Analytical CRM

As a growing company, the information you can acquire through Analytical CRM is priceless. As a marketing strategy, it delivers proven results across multi-departments. Rather than wasting time trying to figure out things about your customer, CRM analytics helps you find out where they are, who is your most profitable customer and what are their behaviors. So this solution makes Strategic tools for management

Collaborative CRM

Collaborative CRM solutions support processes conducted at the back office level, which affects the activities of the customer and the maintaining of customer relationships. Primarily, internal collaborative functions address IT, billing, invoicing, maintenance, planning, marketing, advertising, finances, and planning.