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Faststreamtech knocks out roadblocks in Verizon’s ThingSpace Manage IoT project – Time to celebrate

Another success story celebrated at the offices of Verizon, San Diego.

Almost everybody accepts Internet of Things has the capacity to disrupt client relationships, business models, whole industries. Businesses wish to be successful in it. There’s simply one issue: Roadblocks to fostering quit numerous businesses from beginning their IoT journey.

The Thingspace Manage IoT project team at Faststream Technologies is very well aware that the road to IoT fostering could be laden with difficulties, and at the Innovation Center in Waltham, Mass, they are devoted to leveraging the ThingSpace development platform to deal with barricades.

There are numerous challenges in terms of fostering from an IoT viewpoint, and we invest a great deal of time teaming up with our IoT clients and our business partners, and developing those end-to-end services. ThingSpace provides enterprise-level developers with possessions varying from connection and device monitoring to APIs. At Faststream Technologies, we come down to discussions at the chip and component level.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is owning modifications in businesses of all kinds. It implies companies could develop connections that open up new markets as well as new sources of revenue. In order to help fuel IoT development and technology, ThingSpace was introduced, the web-based, IoT development platform. ThingSpace is your gateway to a streamlined IoT workspace as well as a machine-to-machine (M2M) monitoring facility for prototype through production. You have 24×7 accessibility via a single, combined portal to everything you should bring your IoT solutions to life, as well as to the market. It showcases 3 pillars: Develop, Manage and Market, which offer the devices you should get the most from your IoT experience.

The new modern technologies make use of Verizon’s existing wireless communications network yet in a stripped-down way ideal for IoT data in contrast to human-to-human communication. Verizon Vice President of IoT as well as Connected Solutions Mark Bartolomeo says the ThingSpace back-end is much more structured due to the fact that it does not have to accomplish all the jobs needed by sophisticated tools like smartphones. The development of much less expensive wireless modems like the Sequans LTE module addresses the historical issues of high wireless transmission costs for IoT data.


The essential drivers for IoT success are cutting-edge innovative new tools that are reducing the obstacle to access. That’s where Develop comes in. It’s a “single pane of glass” where you’ll locate web-based tools that aid you to design, test as well as deploy IoT solutions and M2M technologies, accelerating the development procedure. You could access application enablement platforms (AEPs), RESTful application programming interfaces (APIs), an API simulator, developer kits, documentation, tutorials, devices and more to assist you to develop as well as evaluate interesting, IoT remedies.

Developers will find a lot of opportunities for interaction with the Verizon ThingSpace website. The Dev Kits page offers hardware as well as associated software application development kits for numerous possible IoT tracking and diagnostics applications. Raspberry Pi, Arduino, TI BeagleBone, Skywire, as well as other hardware is supported. Developer kit language combination consists of the light-weight IoT pub/sub messaging and notifies the platform dweet and conventional programming languages like C++ and Python.


Running all the IoT-enabled tools connected to your enterprise could be an obstacle. Manage makes things much easier by bringing all your device management as well as monitoring devices with each other in one place. You have the devices you need to manage the whole lifecycle of your devices in a single, scalable, trusted, self-service portal made for IoT.