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Smart Food and Beverages: Factory Solution

In the Smart Food Solutions and Beverages Factory, there are some special demands that are forcing manufacturers to transform production and packaging processes.

The Smart Food Solutions & Beverage industry is serving a gradual global demand with ever-changing customer preferences. This industry is heavily regulated by food safety standards & regulations, quality control demands, and the need for a Clean Process throughout all the manufacturing plants. In the Smart Food and Beverages Factory, there are some special demands that are forcing manufacturers to transform production and packaging processes. Manufacturing plants must keep themselves competitive by reducing waste and spoilage, having full traceability into their production processes, and keeping downtime and anomalies in production to a minimum.

Our Motive

For many food manufacturing companies, the majority of the workforce is on the plant floor, working on individual pieces of equipment or on production lines. Establishing near real-time visibility into equipment health can empower operators to quickly identify problems and decrease unplanned downtime technology advances, it leads more companies down the path of digital transformation as part of Industries 4.0 initiatives. 


Faststream’s selection of data integration, automation, analytics, simulation, and energy sourcing can help companies transform existing plants into smart manufacturing facilities. Our key is to set a foundation that can interconnect operations and the supply chain, thereby establishing a new era of smart food—from farm to fork.

Challenges to the client, we provide Solutions:




The challenge:


The most frequently used sales systems fail to provide a complete view of the customer and lack the analytical insight needed for sales teams to be successful in the field.




Faststream Technologies empowers Smart Food Solutions and Beverages Factory with powerful analytical and mobile sales enablement solutions that help salespeople work more effectively and efficiently when in the field. Armed with powerful mobile apps, CPG sales reps have real-time access to sales data and analytics, enabling them to make more accurate pipeline forecasts and identify potential upsell opportunities in their existing accounts. These apps provide them with the ability to inspect product promotion displays in stores, compare results with guidelines, as well as capture and submit photos. Sales reps can access store performance information and suggest promotions to retailers for underperforming items. These solutions also provide sales reps with multimedia content, such as presentations and product videos, in order to help drive meaningful conversations with customers. With offline access and mobile write-back capabilities, sales reps can update account information and forecasts, create sales quotes, and log meeting activities from anywhere—regardless of internet connectivity. That means that sales reps don’t have to wait until the end of the day to complete administrative tasks and can focus more energy on closing business.






The challenge:


Without access to real-time business intelligence, CPG vendors and merchants don’t have the up-to-date insight they need to effectively communicate, negotiate, and drive sales.




Faststream Technologies provides relevant and timely data to CPG manufacturers and merchants, fostering collaboration that helps drive efficiency, control costs, and improve sales performance. With Faststream, CPG vendors and merchants have a secure, common view of current data related to product and category sales performance, inventory, profitability, supply chain, and promotions. Retailers control the data that individual vendors can view, and vendors are able to drive better business results for their products and categories. These solutions also help vendors benchmark their performance against peers at an anonymous level, manage product forecasts, and better understand how they can use promotional funds effectively. With a single version of the truth, merchants are able to communicate more effectively with vendors throughout the season which helps facilitate better negotiations.






The challenge:


Production facility managers are tasked with everything from overseeing floor operations to ensuring worker safety. When they have to go to a back office to access reports and input data into systems, it disrupts their ability to effectively manage the production floor.




Faststream provides managers with the tools they need to address the specialized challenges of running a Food and Beverages Factory production facility. With our system, production managers can easily access real-time reports to analyze costs, track materials, and weigh alternative scenarios impacting production— all from their smartphones or tablets. Armed with mobile write-back capabilities, they can input information for inventory and quality checks, capture signatures, and submit approval while on the move. Floor managers and employees can view intuitive dashboards to visualize data at a glance and make quick decisions in order to help improve reception, processing, and fulfillment times. Additionally, threshold-based alerts help managers to quickly identify potential issues such as sudden changes in a facility’s temperature, aging inventory, or quality-related issues. These apps are also a powerful workforce management tool. Managers can log conversations with their workers in regard to attendance, training, safety, and quality of work. Comments can be input directly into the app, and employees can acknowledge that the conversations took place via the signature capture, thus increasing their accountability.





The challenge:


Due to the risk of product spoilage, it’s critical for distribution centers in the Smart Food Solutions and beverage industry to operate efficiently. That’s why DC supervisors need a tool that allows them to access the information they need, instantly.




Our Digital Transformation system provides DC supervisors with access to the information they need to efficiently run their distribution centers, so they don’t have to leave the warehouse floor. Using these apps, supervisors can scan barcodes for item details, initiate back stock pulls, and proactively adjust shipping and receiving process workflows— all from their mobile devices. In order to help improve safety and regulatory compliance, they can instantly capture images of workplace hazards or product quality issues and upload them to the appropriate system.

And with access to dashboards and real-time reports, operations managers can more effectively monitor productivity, streamline operations, and reduce product spoilage. With an app that frees them from the back office, supervisors can stay on the warehouse floor to directly engage and manage employees. Using these apps, supervisors can log conversations with their workers and track attendance, training, safety, and quality of work. Comments can be input directly into the app, and employees can acknowledge that the conversations took place via the signature capture, increasing their accountability.