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Faststream talks Network Virtualization

In a year of a great importance, virtualization has held a spotlight in telecom. December’s Carrier Network Virtualization event, hosted by Informa in Palo Alto is an excellent opportunity to assess the performance so far.

Because 2016 is closing out with carriers still facing tough questions:

  • How can we enhance OpenFlow-based SDN can accelerate NFV deployment.
  • Explaining the differences of business model with SDN and NFV.
  • NFV focusing on the virtualization of network functions.
  • Examining the network virtualization in disruptive technology.
  • How SDN and NFV transform network architecture and operations?

Faststream Technologies will be available on-site to discuss, demonstrate and debate on the major issues of implementing SDN and NFV technologies in today’s business along with other event speakers such as Intel, Telefonica, Verizon, AT&T etc.

In addition to the live demos at the event, Faststream Technologies, we will join a discussion on powering Next-Gen 5G Networks: SDN and NFV; the business potential of SDN and NFV technologies, virtualization and IoT.

To schedule a meeting, contact us @ +1310-491-0410 or [email protected] Also, you can connect with us on Twitter @faststreamtech

You can visit Carrier Network Virtualization (CNV) website here