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From IoT, M2M to Mobility, cloud: Meet us at CES 2017

Meet us at CES 2017 to discuss with our representatives on how our Embedded and Hardware solutions for consumer technologies, application development, IoT, Machine 2 Machine learning can redefine the way you improvise your business.

To schedule a meeting, contact us @ +1310-491-0410 or [email protected]. Also, you can connect with us on Twitter @faststreamtech. We will be available at Sands Expo, Booth #40153, Las Vegas, Nevada, the United States between Jan 5-8, 2017.

The world is changing right before your eyes; faster than we can think, faster than we can imagine, faster than we can blink. Newer technologies are taking shape; tons of data is being produced; millions of devices are getting interconnected and internet connected. Industry needs are changing, to be successful, you got to be smarter, faster and more flexible.

  • Are you equipped to keep pace with this transformation?
  • Are you equipped to break through this technology clutter?
  • Are you equipped to connect the dots to the future?

That’s where we come into the picture. A global technology firm specializing in product engineering, device lifecycle management, IoT and Cloud Framework, Intelligent Automation and Video Management.

We help you connect the dots to transform standalone devices into smart systems; to translate data into actionable insights; to transcend technological boundaries to reach out to new-age customers.

Be incremental or dynamic ideas, IoT and cloud solutions; silicon or software engineering; we enable the device-centric solutions that can scale with your dynamic business and technology needs. From product concept to design to prototype and production and later to re-engineering and sustenance, we cut across the entire technology stack to help you in every step of your product lifecycle.

Our consumer technologies service focuses on providing our clients with the following benefits:

  • Rapid R&D, Prototyping, Production Planning Services – on time, on the budget, with the highest level of quality to minimize our Customer’s time to market and ensure reliable future production.
  • FPGA- based prototyping to validate the integration of IP into a SoC and end-to-end SoC software integration.
  • SoC diagnostic design using RESPIN architecture.
  • SoCs, FPGA & IP advancement for Flash Solid State Drives (SSDs) & Hard Disk Drives (HDDs)
  • Product development & production program for HDD with Bluetooth & Wi-Fi interface.

Internet of Things: We enable us smarter and well-connected world by enabling M2M connectivity and device integration.

Data Analytics: We employ analytics, intelligence and reporting to simplify data so that it makes sense to the end users.

Application development: We bring the world at your fingertips through application development and integration.

Consumer Electronics: Imagine a smart home automation solution where technology is leveraged to take care of your safety, security, and efficiency.

DevOps: While each device talks to each other and is controlled remotely. Intelligence automation through DevOps can enable product companies to continuously monitor and upgrade in real-time.

Cloud Management: On the other hand, our cloud enablement solutions facilitate infrastructure monitoring and a variety of managed services.

E-commerce: Imagine a retail store, where technology plays an important role in understanding in-store customer behavior, optimizing product placements, and effectively protecting the stores from thefts, pilferage, and other losses.

Video Management: Our Video Management Solutions for like companies with real-time data analysis and trigger based on video analytics for enhanced customer insights even while enabling perimeter protection from thefts and threats.

Today, we help our clients push their technological capabilities beyond the current boundaries of physical design at the scale of 28 and 48 nanometers silicon technology-based SoC programs which help to power up the innovations and potentially enable them to improve and grow and become the frontrunners in the field of consumer technology businesses.

Meet us at #CES2017 and discuss with us on how our Embedded and Hardware solutions for consumer technology, application development, IoT, Machine 2 Machine learning could assist you in expanding your consumer technology businesses.

You can visit the International Consumer Electronics Show (International CES) website.

To schedule a meeting, visit here

December 19, 2016

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