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Faststream’s Ingenious IoT Solutions are Equipped to Stir Up Intrigue at CES 2020

Electrify yourselves by connecting with Faststream Technologies at CES2020, Las Vegas Convention Center venue Westgate from January 7-10, 2020 as Faststream is all set to exhibit intriguing solutions on IoT based “Smart Workspace” and “Smart Maintenance”. Faststream is anticipating enlightening interactions with global business leaders, & strategic agendas shall be provided by Faststream, to the companies for their technology implementation. These agendas shall reinforce companies contemporary performance as well as upcoming businesses in this Information Age we are currently in.

Smart Workspace – Less Tedious, More Productive

Faststream Technologies, with the integration of IoT, is able to automate efficient space utilization and create an office environment that reacts to human occupancy, making it conducive for increased productivity. The Smart Thermostat adjusts the temperature to pre-defined parameters, office inventory data is constantly updated, and conference rooms are booked when a meeting is scheduled. These trivial tasks are automated so that the staff can focus on other important tasks.

Smart Maintenance

Faststream Technologies’ Smart Maintenance solution provides real-time data and monitoring with a web of connected sensors to each machinery components. This data together with historical data is aggregated and assembled as learning material for the AI and becomes a part of the machine learning process. This will eventually optimize the maintenance procedure. This approach enhances the AI’s understanding pattern for equipment failure and makes it more efficient at discerning them. Using our smart maintenance solutions the equipment uptime can be increased, also maintenance cost and the aging of valuable assets can be reduced significantly.


About the Company

Faststream Technologies, a leading global design and engineering services, and solutions company focusing on complete software and hardware product development. The company focuses on building IoT and mobile solutions that aid clients to transform their concepts and existing products into next-gen technologies. Faststream builds converged solutions using the most up-to-date hardware, BI, IoT and cloud technologies for technology, consumer electronics, telecommunications and enterprise clients.

For more details about the company can be gathered by calling us at @ +1-310-491-0430 or shoot us an email at [email protected]. And, you can connect with us on Twitter @faststreamtech.

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