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“FastStream Partners with Siemens MindSphere to Bring IoT Edge Computing Solutions For Industrial Automation”

Faststream Technologies, specialized in IoT, SoC Design Services, Analog/Mixed Signal Design, Cloud Computing, Mobility Services, Digital Transformation, Business Intelligence, Testing Services, IT Security Services, Product Engineering Services, and Big Data. Faststream has joined MindSphere Partner Program so it can help enterprises to expand their productivity and smartly drive business goals using leading-edge industrial IoT platform MindSphere®. Our engineering team’s deep expertise in transforming design specs into marketable hardware products – through ASIC design services that include RTL design, design verification and physical design for digital and analog/mixed-signal semiconductors – is a key differentiator to our suite of application development capabilities. The MindSphere Partner Program is Siemens partner program for Industrial IoT solution and technology providers.

For today’s challenges like embedded processor SoC specifications, Faststream Technologies with the help of MindSphere will deliver all of the required security, firmware/embedded software, Thus, positioning us as the turnkey ‘concept-to-product’ design company. Many of our technologists have multiple patents to their credit in the areas of Analog/Mixed-Signal Design, IoT and embedded systems.

MindSphere is the cloud-based, open IoT operating system from Siemens that connects products, plants, systems, and machines, enabling businesses to harness the wealth of data generated by the Internet of Things (IoT) with advanced analytics. As a result of the Collaboration, Faststream Technologies can help clients advance their product design, business processes, and application development.
Having set a milestone in the world of IoT, Faststream Technologies evolved with n number of internet-controlled services like

  • Digital Twin – for projecting analysis, monitoring, and controlling of assets
  • Controller IP – to digitally interface numerous industry-standard ADCs
  • Smart City – to attain seamless single-point-access (Smart City comprises of Smart Building, Smart Parking, Smart Lighting, Smart Parking, and Smart Traffic), etc.
  • Predictive Maintenance- for real-time & detailed analysis of equipment, as well as failure root-cause analysis, to avoid breakdown and malfunction.
  • Smart Agriculture- to maximize production, weather prediction, prevent disease using IOT based smart farming systems
  • Fleet management- to help managers and companies take complete control of their fleet with precise and live data from every corner of their business domain.
  • Waste management- to attain seamless waste management and disposal techniques.
    their locations together with the weight and fill level of each bin.
  • RFID-Asset tracking- to locate and manage assets within the premises and to recover stolen or misplaced assets With the MindSphere platform, access control of all system assets is accomplished in a great way. It even details who can access each part of the system and what sort of privileges are set.

This enhanced capability gives you an insight into the world of IoT.
Also, MindSphere assists excellent in swiftly connecting current systems and use innovative data tools. It can upturn accessibility, and effectiveness to transmute data into knowledge. This, in fact, speeds-up processes and ease the execution. Meantime, the data is constantly updated to maintain accuracy, by taking all variables into account.

Key Features:

Predictive Learning & Analysis

AI & Machine Language empowered Predictive Learning and Analytics methodology for notable accuracy & quality of processes.

Inbuilt Cloud Computing

Products, machines, plants, and systems are coordinated with the cloud computing algorithm.

Data Analysis

Advanced analytics to visualize and analyze the Internet of Things (IoT) generated data.

Deliberate Development

Offers effortless design, deployment, and testing with advanced methodologies.

Secure Connectivity

Delivers protected integration of components with hardware and firmware solutions.

Security Architecture

security features are not only evident, but are crucial to the operation of the entire system.

  • Identity management and access control
  • Authentication and authorization
  • Secure Communication

Application and tenant management

Tenant isolation and separation through API gateway support, validation checks and content security policies
Availability and security controls and monitoring

Data classification and encryption

  • HTTP over TLS v1.2 to communicate to MindSphere from external network
  • MindSphere data is encrypted in transit with TLS algorithms
  • Data remains in region collected

Backup and recovery

  • Siemens’ Usage Transparency Service
  • Data backed up daily and kept for 30 days
  • Services protecting data stores run redundantly in a minimum of two availability zones

Controls and monitoring

  • Penetration testing
  • Threat risk analysis process
  • Audit logs

About Faststream

Faststream Technologies is a vanguard of technology solutions, specializing in Product & System Engineering, IoT, Big Data, Security, and Application Development with a global footprint across North America, EMEA, and APAC. With over 200+ clients, Faststream Technologies enables Digital Transformation for enterprises by delivering a flawless customer experience, business competence, and deep insights through an integrated set of disruptive technologies and expertise. We are passionate about delivering well-organized, inventive and world-class hardware and software solutions, with a focus on Healthcare, Aerospace, Semiconductors, Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Home Automation, Telecommunications, Security, Retail, and E-Commerce.