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Success Stories in ASICs Design For Medical/Healthcare Applications

1. MEMS Driver ASIC for Contact Lens Sensor:

We have designed and developed an ASIC for sensing to set up straight with the contact lens.

The MEMS sensor which can be digitized through ASIC is reading and transfers the assessments back to the recorder with the same RF link used to power the device using load modulation techniques.

By using a 0.35µm process, Faststream could incorporate power capture and conditioning, RF signaling, high linearity ADC, and digital control functionality on a single die within the limited power budget and at a low cost.

Benefit for the customer

Faststream Technologies regulates the whole ASIC life cycle for Sensimed, comprised of design, prototyping, industrialization, and supply chain for different volume production. The bumped die is attached directly onto copper traces within the lens during manufacture, connecting it to the antenna and MEMS array.

Using these processes Faststream could sense the demand for a high ENOB process during keeping within the power resources of the coil antenna.

Key technical statistics

  • Column Parallel ADC on board with low noise sampling structure and temperature variation compensation.
  • 13.56 MHz loosely coupled inductive link for power and data.
  • Communication via load modulation.
  • CMOS execution with well-structured rectification avoids the need for Schottky diodes.
  • sensor reading on Wheatstone resistive bridge, analog to digital conversion, and data.
  • Offset and slope correction technique embedded.
  • Input and output through the magnetic link.
  • Sub 5 -10 µV ADC.
  • A broad range of incoming wireless energy.
  • Power and data transfer through Wireless.

The prototyping board depending on ASIC is designed to read out Analog and Digital ASIC. This platform is designed for imaging purposes: Calorimetry, Silicon Tracker, Medical Imaging.

The platform provides up to 240 digital high-speed I/O and 8, 120 MSPS 14 bit ADC channels. Almost all modern front-end ASIC can be validated with this system It is possible to read out:

  • Pre-amplifier/shaper only ASIC with dedicated Analog output for each channel.
  • Multiplexed channels Analog Output ASIC.
  • Digital-only ASIC, for example, ASIC with the only comparator inside designed for applications requiring only timing information.
  • ASIC with integrated ADC and/or TDC.
  • 70 PS resolution TDC on Petiroc ASIC.

Faststream Technologies carried out all Virtual Blocks to:

  • Executed trapezoidal filter or charge integration to measure the energy of the pulses.
  • 0.5ns TDC in order to timestamp events and implement TOT.
  • Analog Demultiplexed to readout data from multiplexed ASIC.
  • ROC ASIC Decoders blocks.
  • The devices could interface to the ASIC’s slow control using SPI, I2C, or Parallel interface.
3. Medical Microelectronics Solutions:

Faststream Technologist’s medical and implantable microelectronics services include:

  • Miniaturization by use of microelectronic high-density packaging technologies.
  • Interactive DFM/DFT.
  • Electrical, mechanical, and thermal analysis.
  • Development of electrical, functional, and environmental tests that support high-reliability manufacturing.

Our Microelectronic capabilities include:

  • Wafer & Die Processing
  • Die to attach using a variety of epoxies and other materials
  • Placement capability of all device types including RF and MMIC devices
  • Automated wire bonding including gold and aluminum wedge, and gold ball bonding
  • Custom microelectronic packaging, including multi-chip packaging (MCP), multichip modules (MCM), power modules, chip-on-board (COB), chip-scale-modules (CSM)
4. Biometric Monitor

Such IC observes different biometric parameters. Pressure, temperature, ECG, EMG, EEG, and EOG data are particular parameters. All the systems are wireless. A transmitter and battery are used for un-tethered data collection. The IC has been developed in conjunction with a prime manufacturer of advanced biometric monitoring devices.


  • Multi-Channel Sensor
  • Low Supply Power & Supply Voltage
  • Various types of Sensors
  • Temperature Range = 5°C to +75°C
  • Temperature, Pressure, and Biopotential Activities
  • Micro-power EEPROM
September 8, 2021


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September 8, 2021


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