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Digital Alcohol Breath Analyzer


  • Mobile App based on non-invasive for estimating blood alcohol content (BAC) from a blood sample.
  • Portable Device
  • Less Expensive
  • Accurate as compared to the standard Breath Analyzer.
  • BAC test result varies between individuals consuming identical amounts of alcohol due to race, gender, weight, genetic predisposition, metabolic rate.

Software Design Architecture - Breath Analyzer

Software Architecture Flow - Breath Analyzer

About Breath Analyzer

A Digital Pocket Alcohol Breath Analyzer is a device used to estimate the amount of blood alcohol content in the body using a breath sample. Whenever a person consumes alcohol, it gets absorbed from the mouth, throat, stomach, and intestines into the bloodstream, which can be easily detected through the breath. The alcohol is not digested upon absorption, nor chemically changed in the bloodstream, so when the blood travels through the lungs, some of the alcohol moves across the membranes of the lungs’ air sacs into the air and evaporates from a solution, which is volatile. The concentration of alcohol in the lungs’ air sacs is related to the concentration of alcohol in the blood. As the alcohol in the lungs’ air sacs is exhaled, it can be detected by the breath analyzer.

The ratio of breath alcohol to blood alcohol is 2,100:1. This means that 2,100 milliliters (ml) of alveolar air will contain the same amount of alcohol as 1 ml of blood.

For many years, the legal standard for drunkenness across the United States was 0.10, but many states have now adopted the 0.08 standard.

Tools and Libraries


  • Like Keil IDE, STM32CubeMX


  • Sensor SDK
  • Eximius will be implementing the sensor-related library
  • Logical Analyzer
  • JTAG debugger

iDrink Mobile App

Use iDrink smartphone breath analyzer App with iPhone, and your BAC results are sent directly to your smartphone. And with the feature, you can also view the battery life of your Digital Pocket Alcohol Breath Analyzer Device.
Moving the testing process to your smartphone makes it easier, faster, and more convenient than ever before to view your estimated alcohol level anytime, anywhere.

Initiate and complete a BAC test via the app on the Smart Phone. Simply blow into a Breathalyzer Device and estimated BAC results are wirelessly transmitted via Bluetooth to the iDrink app on Smart Phone.

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