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A multicore platform consisting of single, dual and quad-core families based upon the ARM ® Cortex™- A9 architecture

The i.MX 6 series of application processors use a scalable multicore platform that consists of single, dual, and quad-core families based on the Arm Cortex A9 Architecture for next-generation consumer, automobile as well as industrial applications. The processors are energy-efficient and powerful and could be made use of in Automotive Infotainment, E-Readers, Home Automation, In-flight Entertainment, Intelligent Industrial Control Systems, IP phones, IPTV, Portable Medical Devices, as well as Tablets.

Arm Cortex A9 Architecture High-Performance Multimedia Processing

The i.MX 6 series was designed especially to allow this new market by uniting high-performance scalable multimedia processing, a software-compatible family of 5 processors, and pin *-suitable processor solutions with integrated power management to make sure that a manufacturer could release a complete portfolio of products with a single hardware design.

Energy-Efficient and Cost-Effective Solutions

The i.MX 6 series gets to a new level of power versus efficiency by giving a scalable family of single, dual, and quad-core processor families based on the ARM Cortex-A9 architecture. Single, as well as dual-core designs, provide cost-effective performance scalability while the quad-processor offers more performance at lower power for the most requiring applications with constrained power budgets.

Powerful Graphics Engine

i.MX 6 supports an integrated 1080p encoder/decoder hardware engine and high-performance graphics accelerators with 1080p60 video playback, allowing incredibly high-grade video with long battery life for devices playing high-definition content. The powerful 3D graphics engine integrates the power of the main cores with the 3D engine to perform considerable computational tasks. The mixed multimedia processing power of i.MX 6 Application Processors make it possible for a new generation of devices ready for augmented reality applications, content creation capacities and multichannel HD video processing, and so on.

Our Capabilities on i.MX 6 Platform

Our Embedded Solution team is competent at the following with on i.MX platform.

  • Board Support Packages (BSP)
  • Operating system bring-up
  • Kernel porting
  • Device driver development
  • Application Development
Board Support Packages:

As part of the i. MX-based customized boards, we could support with integrating peripherals (e.g. extending NAND, SDRAM), customizing boot loaders (e.g. U-Boot), and executing testing diagnostics as part of the BSP development.

Operating System Bring-up:

We have experience with building a Linux-based mobile operating system such as Android as well as porting Linux kernels and device drivers.

Device Driver Development:

Our team is experienced in developing device drivers for cameras, capture cards, receivers, HDMI, TFP-401 (V4L2 and DVI-based device drivers), GPIO, UART, Streaming, WLAN, and Bluetooth devices on i.MX 6 Platform.

Application Development:

We have the know-how on LTIB, Yocto, or hand-stitched application development environments making use of µClibc. Our team is experienced in developing GUI applications utilizing Qt, GTK+, and OpenGL for User Interfaces. We likewise developed applications utilizing GStreamer and VLC.