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OCPP Controller and Protocol

For the young electric vehicle charging market, the assortment is something worth being thankful for. Rivalry drives down expenses and encourages mechanical upgrades. Today, districts or private charging suppliers browse a large number of charging station producers and system framework merchants. This wide decision brings up the issue of interoperability, or, at the end of the day, the capacity of every EV charging station to impart a focal framework, paying little mind to a maker or IT back-end seller. The objective of the OCPP Controller is to empower a genuinely interoperable EV charging foundation a framework that is adaptable and simple to work both for EV drivers and system administrators. With the OCPP, clients can incorporate charging stations from a few merchants into a similar IT back-end framework. They can likewise choose the most fitting charging station merchant and the most suitable IT back-end provider freely.

Unlike proprietary communication protocols, OCPP is open and unassociated with any authorizing expense or prerequisite, making it simple to embrace. Embraced by numerous charge point sellers and focal framework providers, OCPP-consistency is currently turning into an “unquestionable requirement have” prerequisite among speculators. They consider it to be an approach to keep their framework seller impartial and to decrease costs.


OCPP Controller Improved Functionalities

Device Management:

Highlights to get and set arrangements and furthermore to screen a Charging Station. This is a hotly anticipated component, particularly invited by Charging Station Operators who oversee complex multi-merchant (DC quick) charging stations.

Improved Transaction handling:

Particularly invited by Charging Station Operators who oversee expansive quantities of charging stations and exchanges.

Added Security:

The expansion of secure firmware refreshes, security logging and occasion warning and security profiles for verification (key administration for customer-side endorsements), and secure correspondence (TLS).

Added Smart Charging functionalities:

For topologies with an Energy Management System (EMS), a neighborhood controller, and for incorporated savvy charging of the EV, charging station, and Charging Station Management System.

Support for 15118:

As to and-charge and keen charging prerequisites from the EV.

Display and informing support:

To furnish the EV driver with data on the show, for example in regards to rates and taxes.

Appropriate usage is critical

Depending on OCPP to manufacture or grow a canny charging framework is less demanding said than done. To completely encounter the advantages of OCPP Controller, associations require a demonstrated usage process that includes configuration audits, tests, and approval. That is the reason there’s a developing requirement for finish usage and solid supporting administrations that guarantee back-end interoperability.


Our Multiple Feature Sets for OCPP

  • Pricing: fundamental utilization cost computations on the charge point; more mind-boggling estimating models in a joint effort with a focal framework.
  • Smart Charging: supporting both PWM and ISO/IEC 15118.
  • Monitoring and control: enhanced client encounter; bring down OA&M costs.


Faststream Technologies and OCPP

Faststream Technologies’ EVLink Parking charging station arrangements are presently consistent with OCPP v 2.0. They enable clients to deal with their EV charging foundation at a solitary point level (one charging station) or at a bunch level, supporting a standout amongst the most far-reaching OCPP functionalities in the market. Faststream Technologies is additionally ready to offer a turnkey arrangement that incorporates OCPP-consistent charging stations and an IT back-end framework for electric vehicle charging.

To empower OCPP Controller back-end similarity and high consumer loyalty, Faststream Technologies specialists give a demonstrated approval process that backings the redesign of the existing framework and establishment of new hardware. This procedure has just helped numerous clients accomplish complete back-end interoperability with consistently incorporated and solid EV Link charging stations.

February 10, 2017

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