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FastBank ATM Manager is a system that involves the strategic planning and implementation of ATM services so as to direct, monitor, and enlist ATM machine events. ATM Management System is subjected to monitor the surveillance of the machine to detect and remove errors with a very short period of time.

Prominent Features

  • One dashboard to monitor and handle thousands of ATMs with live data.
  • Get customized reports containing the amount of uptime etc.
  • To get ATM usage data for analytics.
  • Personalization and business intelligence.
  • Cross-selling and Up-selling.
  • All cards and accounts information on one screen.
  • Customers can view & pay bills, transfer funds, etc.

All-In-One graphical view of your ATM network

Monitor your entire fleet of ATMs with real-time status information. Even in the absence of an operator, it will keep cycling through the network looking for discrepancies which will be immediately be brought to the notice of the operator. Have no worries, you’re always covered by our software.

There are several ways you can monitor your ATMs:-

  • GPS Map Mode: In this view, the ATMs will be displayed on a map of the area.
  • Category Mode: The operator can organize ATMs into groups such as ATM manufacturer, branch, high-risk locations, or whatever criteria is appropriate for the bank’s business according to geographical location.
  • Pie Chart Mode: The ATM network status can be viewed in the form of a pie chart. This is a quick and easy way to determine how many ATMs are in each predefined state as a proportion of the network.
  • All-Details Mode: More details on an individual ATM can be accessed with a click of a button, including its name, location, operational status, manufacturer, etc.
  • Report Generator: View uptime reports for any ATM, showing its availability over the past 24 hours. Get tailored reports for an individual ATM or a group of ATMs.

Get Remote administration capabilities


Using our snappy and customizable FastBank ATM Manager, ATMs can be taken online or offline, switched on or switched off, from a certain category or one at a time. This is an efficient solution for centrally administering the ATMs on the network.

ATM Malfunction Management

With FastBank ATM Management System, an operator can access live data from the ATM to diagnose the malfunction and take actions to resolve them.

  • ATM Status: The operator can quickly learn the entire list of machines on each ATM and their operational status, along with the status of consumables like receipt paper, cash.
  • Diagnostic Process: The operator can run the diagnostic process on an ATM to identify the fault and probable causes of the same.
  • Alerts: The operator customizes alerts that are triggered when a certain operational or communication function does not execute correctly on any ATM in the fleet.
  • Service Ticketing: Generation of Service/Maintenance tickets which can be updated by service crew depending


FastBank ATM Management