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Implementation Levels

Eventually, designing complex systems and chips had made by the extensive experience of our team. We are world-class experts on main technologies including digital design using FPGA, ASIC technologies, and SoC. We use modern techniques and technologies to achieve the highest performance and quality while completing very complex designs or very tight low power small-footprint designs. Logical Implementation covers the RTL-to-Netlist stages of an ASIC development flow. Our expertise in RTL design, FPGA devices and associated tool flow, SoC verification, High-level Hardware Verification Languages (HVL), ASIC prototyping, and post-silicon validation combined with our strong understanding of popular bus protocols, peripherals, system-level deployment, and industry-standard verification IPs help our customers drastically to improve confidence in the quality of functional verification prior to ASIC Tape-Out. Our experts stand first in ASIC SOC Implementation. FaststreamTech provides appropriate solutions for ASIC/SOC & silicon IP components.

ASIC / SoC Implementation:


  • RTL-Design in VHDL, Verilog, SystemVerilog
  • Analog & AMS full custom IC design & layout
  • Digital ASIC & SOC physical implementation

We can ensure that your RTL is appropriate and enhanced for ASIC execution, and can take on all of the tasks needed to produce a netlist that is ready for physical implementation. This used to include mostly synthesis to meet timing and region targets, in addition to some scan inclusion for DFT, however now covers a more extensive scope of activities that can be  critical to the optimization and performance of your ASIC, including:

  • RTL and DFT enhancement for execution, power, and area
  • Synthesis trials to help select the perfect silicon process and IP for your application
  • Addition of Test and BIST structures into the RTL
  • Synthesis of power management and power optimization logic, using UPF/CPF
  • Technology-specific IP integration, such as SRAM, e-Flash, and other 3rd-party IP
  • Timing constraint generation for STA

As a major aspect of a turn-key ASIC improvement, we can take on the selection and management of production test facilities and will oversee the development of all the hardware and software needed to bring up a production-ready test solution.