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Ethernet CAN toALDL Bridge

Ethernet CAN to ALDL Bridge helps to interact with ALDL interface and advanced protocols like CAN, ethernet, etc. Various onboard diagnostics protocols are currently available to be used for assembly line connectivity to various nodes etc. One of the legacy protocols involves Assembly Line Diagnostics Link (ALDL) protocol. These included serial data transfers at different baud rates and PWM protocols to send sensor data over to the diagnostic controller. In recent times a lot of up-gradation on the assembly line and more sensors being installed has necessitated higher data rate requirements. This can be achieved using CAN, Ethernet, and other network protocols.

Ethernet CAN to ALDL Bridge

To shift to these modern network protocols a bridge device is suggested as shown in the Figure which can interact with the ALDL interface on one end and the advanced higher bandwidth data protocols like CAN and Ethernet on the other end. We have been working with various IPs related to Ethernet, CAN, USB, and TTL UART and have enough experience interfacing these. These protocols generally require a stack to handle communication on the interfaces. Hence, a controller is required which would host the stack and sequence the data transactions on these interfaces. We are developing an IP that can enable interfacing with an ALDL port. Thus, a design to bridge the older ALDL interface with the modern CAN-Ethernet interfaces is being designed.

Ethernet CAN to ALDL Bridge