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Analog Data Acquisition Controller IP

The analog data acquisition controller IP interfaces various industry standard ADCs with digital interfaces like SPI, I2C, parallel, LVDS etc. It also generates required control signals to sequence the data acquisition task for a microcontroller thus off-loading these time-consuming tasks from the host microcontroller.


Salient features:


  • AXI4-Lite standard user interface. Connects as a 32-bit slave on AXI interface
  • User configurable acquisition parameters: Sampling frequency, number of samples in bursts.
  • Programmable ADC interface to connect different types of ADCs in addition to analog multiplexers to connect multiple analog channels
  • Optimized power consumption

Block diagram:





  • In conventional FPGAs which require an external ADC to convert multiple analog signals into digital values for real-time processing.
  • Sensor node with multiple analog sensors.