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Show Pro

Show Pro is a digital cue sheet software application created for live events production Team. This is an application for controlling the cues and as well as the updates and give an alert to the team members.

Show Pro is a Mac-based software program with a companion app for iPad created for the live events industry. Show Pro promotes efficient communication within the production team, keeping everyone up-to-date with current versions of the show flow or cue sheet. Built-in speaker timer, countdown clocks, stopwatch and real-time change log notifications enhance the experience. Customize Show Pro for your particular client or event with features such as display client logo, highlight & format font, edit private & shared notes, rename column headers, add or delete columns and much more.

Backup features include: save to Dropbox, print hard copy, view HTML file of the particular Event according to the user preference.

Build your cue sheets using Quick Cues or Favorite Cues in Design Mode or import excel file to get started. Click “GO” in Live Mode to advance through each cue as you call the show.


Show Pro is Easy to Use

Build your cue sheets using Quick Cues or Favorite Cues in Design Mode or import excel file to get started. Click “GO” in Live Mode to advance through each cue as you call the show.


Show Pro Saves Valuable Time

Do you make changes to the cue sheet while your crew waits around on headset for the new versions to be printed? With Show Pro, the process is made simple. Changes are made in real time and everyone connected to Show Pro is notified of each change so they can make adjustments immediately.


Show Pro Does the Calculation

Show Pro has patent-pending logic built-in so that when you add, remove and change cues, the timing of your cue sheet is automatically updated.


Show Pro is a Dashboard

Built-in speaker timer, countdown clocks, and stopwatch are visible on all connected devices. Preset your timers and they are triggered by the GO button according to your designated cues. Set an iPad in Timer Mode and use as a full-screen speaker timer. We like the iPad mini for the lectern.


Show Pro is Customizable

Customize Show Pro for your client or event with features such as display client logo, highlight & format font, rename columns, add or remove columns, edit private & shared notes, and much more.


Show Pro Improves Communication

Everyone is on the same page with Show Pro. The familiar questions “where are we?” and “what version are we on?” are eliminated with the Current Cue and Standby Cue at the top of everyone’s screen. On-the-fly edits are pushed to connected iPads in real time, and integrated change log notifications let the user know exactly what’s been updated.


Show Pro Backup Feature

Show Pro’s built-in backup features are designed to give you a flexibility for follow up later. Print back up copies of your cue sheet, save it to the local storage and view cached versions offline. Show Pro saves your file as a .sho which can be emailed to clients and colleagues for collaboration, review and backup purposes.



Create a Cue Sheet

Build cue sheets in Show Pro’s intuitive Design Mode or import an Excel spreadsheet with the proper template or import .sho files. Drag & drop cues to change cue order and Show Pro does the math for you, instantly recalculating cue start times. Customize client logo, pre-set timers, rename user columns, highlight selections, and private notes.

Connect Your Team

No Internet is needed to share real-time updates to your cue sheet with your production team. If you’re running show pro server, they connect over a wired or wireless connection on their laptops, tablets or phones. If you’re using show pro classic, your team joins your wireless network via our free show pro iPad App.

Click “GO”

Once you’re ready for rehearsals or shows, select Show Pro’s Live Mode and simply click “GO” to advance through cues and trigger the built-in timers. Changes to your cue sheet in Live Mode are pushed to connected users in real-time. Your team can write private notes on their devices and view cached cue sheets offline. Finally, everyone’s on the same page with Show Pro.


After clicking on Live Mode, It will share a server IP address to track the event in the browser of device and pc as well.


Specific Requirements

  • Enter show information and click on the design show button
  • Set the show Start Time and End Time
  • Fill all the details in cue sheets like user details, Action, and notes.
Key Problems
  • Admin cannot share private notes and shared notes when it is in live mode
  • We can not remove a particular user in live mode
  • We are not able to write and share the private note in iPad
  • No Internet Connection Required (Uses Wired or Wireless Network)
  • Import Excel Spreadsheet,.sho file in Design Mode
  • Favorite Cues & Quick Cues to Build Shows with Ease
  • Drag & Drop Cues to Change Cue Order
  • Modify Cues and Show Pro Does the Math for You
  • Real-Time Updates Keep Your Team on the Same Page
  • Built-in Speaker Timers and Countdown Clocks
  • Private Notes Feature
  • Font Formatting Carries Over to iPads and Browsers
  • Backup Features: Print PDF, Save SHO, view Offline
  • Major & Minor Cues for Segments and Sub Cues
  • We can save the event as an HTML doc so that we can follow up later
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