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Industrial CPU Board

CPU board designed for use in complex hardware system implements functions of retay protection, control and automation. The CPU boards for Embedded systems, Faststream Technologies offers a broad portfolio of x86 and ARM-based Embedded boards in the most common form factors and various performance classes. We design and manufacture custom CPU boards and Carrier boards for Xscale and Freescale ARM-based architectures. We design and produce ad-hoc solutions which integrate your I/O needs onboard, to perfectly fit your machine. Finally, we can supply complete systems from the point of view of mechanics and accessories.


Usually we provide the custom CPU boards (optimized for the software we have developed) to customers to whom we design the software.

We propose CPU board solutions appropriate to the needs and which never exceed that. Furthermore, we choose the components with the longest life cycle in terms of product availability. The aim is obviously to give maximum performance at the lowest possible cost and for as long time as possible.

As for ARM-based solutions, we design both carrier boards for commercially available CPU modules, and special Cortex-A8 based ARM boards, tailored for some specific applications like vending, food-processing, Digital-Signage, and so on.

Hardware tasks

  • Freescale P1020NXE2HFB chip
  • 4*PCI-e HOST,1*PCI-E HOST/Device
  • 1*RS485 Isolation,1*RS422 Isolation
  • 2*Local_BUS_IO

Software tasks

  • Develop custom bootloader
  • Port RTEMS RTOS(4.10.99) as main RTOS
  • Port Linux 2.6.35 as secondary OS
  • Implement Inter-core communication based on OpenMCAPI library


BSP and drivers for Linux, Windows, CE and QNX running onto our CPU boards.

Features of the Application

  • Professional food appliances
  • Small Vending machines
  • Parking & ticketing machines (especially outdoor)
  • Small distributed touch-controllers for building & home automation
  • Touch Controllers
  • Small Controls with friendly “smartphone like” graphic interface
  • Real-Time Automation Controllers
October 20, 2017

Parking Optimization

Parking Optimization
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October 20, 2017

Enterprise IoT

Enterprise IoT
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