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High Performance Computing (HPC) Solution

A bank needed to upgrade its custom-made software system to a High-Performance Computing (HPC) solution. The bank was looking for HPC for the purpose of complex computations to offer its clients with information to make capital markets buying/selling decisions, risk modeling, and faster analysis for future trades.


The bank requirement was to replace a custom-made data processing system with a High-Performance Computing (HPC) solution to perform financial computations including risk modeling, predictive analytics, etc.


Using In-memory Data Fabric, a data access and processing software solution which comprises of distributed computing, in-memory caching and streaming capabilities, we provided a reliable solution. For banking, handling the huge number of data and performing many transactions are needed within a fraction of the second. So the performance of such degree requires highly optimized software. Our In-memory Data Fabric delivers remarkable speed with high-performance transactions, speedy analysis. It’s vital for the bank to make use of in-memory computing and we specialize in the In-memory computing solutions. With our in-memory Data Fabric remarkable speed is achieved and scale for all transactional, analytical and hybrid applications for any data store. Its technology has been created to provide predictable latency, flexible scaling, configurable data consistency and good uptime. It functions on commodity hardware, virtual machines, and cloud providers, thus making it cost effective.


To meet the needs of trading and risk management we provide the bank with good performance and scalability. By scalability, we mean any new commodity hardware can be added to the solution on the fly. With our flexible solution, the bank has the options to make changes to customize its financial customization.