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How Warehouse Leverages RFID?

Managing the flow of exact inventory data is proving to be a challenge for companies facing inconvenient, manual-based processes and steered to higher operations costs, over-spill inventory, and ineffective use of storage space designed for growing companies through RFID in Warehouse Management.


Trends in Warehouse Management

Over 90% of warehouses and distribution centers are still only partially automated or completely manual-based.

RFID Solutions are accessible today for ameliorate back-end processes of Warehouses and are showing their value constantly in a variety of business environments.

  • The use of RFID tags helps record precisely the inventory data and easily integrates with the ERP module of the Organization.
  • No Error in Data Entry
  • Integrating RFID TAG reader,
  • Once the product transfers in or out of the warehouse, RFID helps to update the data on the dashboards, and this will save the scanning and updating time of inventory data.
  • Alert Notification for low stock, theft, or security breaches.
  • By incorporating RFID tags, the Warehouse Company can benefit by reducing the shipment time and getting the data available in all areas or zones, resulting in increased productivity at each distribution center.

Using RFID, Faststream Technologies provides Warehouse Management Solution to automates manual-based processes from purchasing to shipping and delivery to customers, with entire vision and control in a single dashboard. We have deployed Warehouse Management Software to Customers in several industries such as logistics solutions, wholesale, distribution, manufacturing, and automotive solutions.
Implementation of RFID in warehouses has dominated the barcodes system as the RFID tags can store 100 times more data than barcodes can, and the readers can read the 200 tags at a time.

Apart from Warehousing, RFID plays a crucial role in the Supply Chain and Logistics sector also. Here RFID is used for inventory management to enhance precision and bring down stock-taking time for asset management to keep track of equipment, vehicles, reusable storage, and more.
Our RFID solutions help you to check goods on a real-time basis without more labor consumption. These solutions cut labor costs, increase inventory accuracy, decrease chances of theft and accelerate delivery.

Warehouse Management Architecture


Scope of RFID in Warehouse Management

  1. Inbound & Outbound handling
  2. Manufacturing Application
  3. Distribution/Logistics Application
  4. Inventory Management
  5. Returnable Transport Items (RTIs)
  6. Access Control
  7. Automatic Shipment